Saturday, May 29, 2010


She's started using the pillows as steps to reach things on the table....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We have an awesome playgroup!

Our playgroup organizer gave out these cute onesies!
Alphabet Soup


Norah had her 9 month wellcheck yesterday.
17 lbs 12oz
27 inches
She's in the 20th and 30th percentiles, but I don't remember which went with height/weight....but basically she's small :) We knew that already. We're not big people! Unlike two of her cousins that are in the 90-100+% hehe!
So since she's dropped percentiles since her last visit her doctor wants to do a 6 week weight check just to be sure they can record a change/increase in her weight. Otherwise everything looks great!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nine Months

Miss Norah is Nine Months Old Today! She is so full of energy, but thankfully still taking two naps a day. Her crawling has really taken off and she no longer stays in a room with me which is really too bad. She crawls over, under, and around just about anything. Or pulls herself up to standing holding on to the furniture. She will walk a few steps holding on to things or all over the place if someone holds her hands.

The babbling baby talk is pretty constant. Recently her favorite has been DAdadadadadaddddddaaaaa, which George loves. She also makes some coughing monster sounds which I don't really like, since it sounds like coughing, but she thinks its very fun and does it a lot. My most favorite development has been the snuggling. She likes to lay her head on your chest or shoulder, mostly when she's tired or just randomly when you are holding her. I Love It.

Bedtime has gotten better. Daddy does baths mostly by himself now :D. Since he is gone all day it's one thing that they can routinely do together. She's been waking up once a night to nurse, but otherwise sleeping for 10ish hours. Sooooo much better!

She is getting so big. I had to sort and shuffle her clothes again. Things that I've had tucked away now fit and some outfits that I loved are too small. We switched her carseat about a week ago so no more infant seat! That day we also decided no more baby bathtub. Now she gets baths in the big tub. Who said she could grow?! George and I were both very suprised when we realized you hardly have to bend over when hold her her hands and walking around. Her wellchild check up is on Monday so I'll have her height/weight stats later.

She not a big breakfast eater, just some milk and cherrios!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

And we're back....

Healthwise that is. I had a nasty bug last week, but seem to be recovered. Norah has been sleeping a lot lately (like a 3.5hr nap today) so she's got to be growing. She also has a new tooth. The top right, second incisor, not the front one! Although she seems to be working on several top teeth so we will probably be seeing more very soon.

Yesterday we took a family trip to the Vancouver Farmers Market. We got a few good things to eat and George found a nice rug from Rebecca Weaver so now we both have one! Since our bed is over tile now it's much nicer to step on a squishy rug when you get up then cold tile. After lunch and walking around the market we played in the grass for a while. Norah likes grass and had fun crawling around and ripping up pieces of the lawn. There were tons of people there and we sat close the to playground so she got to watch lots of kids running around. It was really nice to just spend a relaxing day together before the big push to graduation.

Sunday, May 2, 2010