Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Have the Right to Know if it's GMO

Obviously I'm not going to DC for this, but I still believe they are sending the right message.

More information and local events:


Kaylee & Norah
Can you believe they are only 8 months apart?
They are about as different as you can get, in looks and personality.
This was at Grandpa and Grandma's house three weeks ago. They were running around the house holding hands, too cute!

Two weeks ago Jamie and Kaylee (my sister and niece) stayed with us while George was out of town. The girls had so much fun playing and making huge messes in every room. They both like to play 'ni-night' and were being very good and sharing Kaylee's special cot.

I'm so glad we didn't have to move too far and are able to see them every few weeks.

So Serious

This was just too funny, she gets this look when she's really focusing on something, just like her Daddy! Someday I'll have to get one of George for comparison.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Operation Move The Piano -Success!

George has been wanting a piano for years. The whole time we were living with my parents he asked about getting my grandmas piano about once a month.
The piano was with family. We talked with them over the holidays, and lucky for us they were willing to part with it. George and I were waiting for tax return money before we moved it. Hey, it's expensive to move a piano! After many phone calls, emails etc, I was able to set up the move, without telling George! After we got the money in, he would ask me every few days if I had called about moving it yet. I tried to put him off, telling him I hadn't called that day, writting myself notes etc to remember to call.....
Well, yesterday was the big move day! I had to wait for George to leave for work, then get started on moving our bookshelf. Ugh, that was not so fun. Luckily it didn't have to go very far.
Then cleaning up and vacuuming before the piano arrived at 1030. The movers said it was the heaviest upright they have ever had to move. They guessed it was about 800-900lbs.


This piano is so beautiful, I just love it. I'm going to visit my Grandma this weekend and hopefully she can give me a refresher on the history. I know it was given to her when she was young (not sure what age) by her brother. It's a Chickering piano from about 1895.

Norah really likes it! She askes to play it all the time.

And she's super cute sitting there, so serious!

She's going to have long fingers like her Momma, it'll make playing easier.

I think she was getting a little tired of me taking pictures...


Norah had to show Daddy how to play with this new toy!

Not bad for not playing in forever!

And a bonus video, because she's just too cute


This was a few days ago, when George got home from work. He took Norah outside to build a giant snowman!

He didn't even wait to change out of his work clothes first!
Have a mentioned that Norah likes to eat snow?

That was a tasty snowman!

She had to taste the top too!

Bye Bye Binkie

In January we weaned Norah off her binkie. We had been talking about it for a while since both George and I don't like it when little kids have binkies. We're all for babies and binkies, but it's just weird to see a three year old walking around with one. Then I noticed she had chewed a few tiny holes at the base. I was concerned she would chew the whole thing off in the middle of the night! So we sniped a little hole in the end so it would feel weird to her. She was not happy. That was a difficult night. The next night wasn't as bad, and after the third night she didn't complain much at all. However, because it didn't feel right when she sucked on it anymore, she chewed it a lot more. I noticed some big holes in the base after a few nights...so we decided to just cut the whole thing off.

We let her have the base, giving it to her at naptime and bedtime just like we would have done before. She said a lot of 'Uh Oh!' and 'Oh No...' So we just told her binkie was all done, agreed with her every time she brought it to us, 'yup, binkie uh oh, it's all gone, it's all done' and tried not to make a big fuss about it. We let her take the base to bed with her, which was a little comical when she tried to put it in her mouth. She did cry a little the first few naps and nights. Nothing too horrible, just that complaining cry that you know isn't serious.
After about a week of sleeping with the base she stopped looking for it in her bed, so I just took it out.
It's been about a month and a half now, and she's doing just fine. Sometimes I wish we still had one when she's being really cranky, but mostly I'm happy she's done with it!


So nice of Grandpa and Grandma to have kid sized windows!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snow Days

We had snow about a week ago, but it had all melted off by Sunday night. Then yesterday it started again! Snowing all day long, big fluffy flakes! Norah and I went out to play in it yesterday afternoon. We had about four inches at that point. It was very wet and heavy since our temp was at 33*

I showed Norah how to catch snowflakes :)
She thought it was great!

I picked her up after this and we ran around the yard trying to catch the biggest ones. She thought it was soooooo funny!

Above is a shot from yesterday afternoon.
Below is from this morning!

George actually had a bit of a hard time getting out for work! The driveway has a slight slope to it, so he had to try a few times.

Static Kid

One of Norah's favorite games right now is playing "Boo". She hides behind the blanket that hangs over the couch and peeks out, we exchange Boos and she laughs and hides again. Super cute. Very static generating!