Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3/4th, 30 weeks, 7.5months....

Almost done. Whew.

I told George today, I feel like I'm more tired now, and my back hurts more than it did at this point when I was pregnant with Norah. Oh, right...I wasn't chasing and carrying a 2yr old around then!

Mostly I'm feeling good. Baby is move a lot, a LOT. He has hiccups every day, usually multiple times. But I always feel them in the same spot, by my left hip, so at least I know he's head down. I did my glucose testing two weeks ago, everything came back normal. I'm up 12.5lbs so far, not bad! I have a routine OB appt tomorrow, nothing too exciting. George and I did get baby's room cleaned up recently. The crib is set up, the closet is cleaned/organized, and we bought a rug to cover a nasty stain on the carpet. Gotta love rentals!

30 weeks (at least) with baby boy:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Friday we had a playdate at the Rasmussen Farms Pumpkin Patch in Hood River. It was really fun! They have a bunch of free activities for the kids, and TONS of pumpkins.

Four of us went, with one child each, and all of us are expecting our second.

Norah and her buddy Leland getting cozy on the wagon ;)

I thought she would go for a huge pumpkin, but she really wanted this one!

Saturday we did a family trip so George could go too.

Here he is helping Norah with the pumpkin bowling.

Norah thought it was super funny to pose for this one:

Searching for the perfect pumpkin with Daddy

Field of Pumpkins! So many choices!

Our final pumpkin haul! Norah picked more than one....and Mommy picked the white one.

Welcome to Norah's Place

We bought a chest freezer over labor day weekend.

And now Norah has a playhouse!

These pictures are from a few weeks ago, but you get the idea!

She loves playing inside, and usually drags George in as soon as he gets home from work.

It's holding up pretty well, but I think we will be stalking the Sears store for a new box when this one finally breaks down!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cartoons and Baby Dolls

Norah gets to watch a cartoon after breakfast, lately she's been bringing all her dollies to the couch to watch with her. Although, sometimes the dollies are sleeping....just have to ask, she'll let you know :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

28 weeks

I'm round enough now I can't hide it under clothes anymore. I gave in a bought a few nice long sweaters since most of my maternity shirts are tees or tanks!

It sure feels like this pregnancy is going much faster than the first time! This little boy is very active, has a lot of hiccups, and is getting really strong. I'm ready for him to start growing out more than up, since he is already almost kicking my ribs, which Norah never did!

I'm have some aches and pains, but all normal stuff so far. My next appointment isn't for two more weeks, so nothing very exciting to tell about.