Friday, October 31, 2008

Cool website

I found this site for calorie counting/fitness then go to 'The daily plate'

You can enter in everything you eat by searching their database. So far everything I have searched for they have had the nutritional info for, everything.....even that funsize butterfinger I had yesterday.....If you can't find something you have the option of adding it to their info if you have all the nutrition information. If you make an account (very easy) it will remember everything you enter and give you the full breakdown of carbs/protein/fats that you eat and it saves everything by date so you can go back and look. It really is a neat site, go check it out, way easier than trying to count/remember everything yourself. You can even enter you goals/weight etc and how much you exercise (also a searchable data base with every workout you can thing of) and it will compute how much you should eat/your calories burned and on and on and on....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Belly!!!!! 33 weeks

Here's my sister Jamie at 33 weeks!!! Not too much longer :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lucia Falls

We went on a hike by Lucia Falls yesterday. It was very pretty with the leaves changing and the weather was great!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cool Sunset today

Fun at the park

I spent some time with an old friend from high school today. We went to the park with her boys and had a nice visit. It was so fun to see her and we're going to try and do something again soon.

Calista & Jacob

Parker & Benjamin

Some pretty trees just starting to change color

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What are you doing?!

He wasn't sure what to think of the camara, silly horsie

Saturday, October 18, 2008


We had our first good frost the other day, so the trees are starting to turn colors now. I got a couple nice pics of our laceleaf maples
We grew some pumpkins this year. The big ones didn't do so well since it took us so long to get them planted. Hopefully they will be better next year. The mini pumpkins however did Very Well. Mom has been giving them out to our CSA members by the handfull. She also put one on every fence post along the street, very cute. Here's what is left
Some of them are really tiny!

What is this?! Alien food? This carrot must have had a nice chunk of soil, it's a monster! The most surprising thing about didn't split!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pets in our lives

We have pets because we love animals. They are fun, entertaining, and loving. Often when people decide to take home a pet they are impulsive and only focused on how cute and cuddly the baby animal is. We don't usually think of the other end of the life cycle. It is amazing how attached and accustom we become in a short period of time.
I am very much emotional about animals, they don't even have to be mine (but when they are it is much worse!). I was at a friends house last friday, I met her two cats Blue and Sally. Both very sweet and laid back felines. Her kids haul them around and they don't mind at all.
My friend sent me a text msg today, Sally got sick. They took her to the vet on Monday and found out her liver was infected and failing. The vet kept her overnight but she had not improved, only worse then before. So they decided to put her down. I called my friend right away, she was still at the vet. I offered to be there with her so she didn't have to do it alone. I was just thinking of supporting her and how I wouldn't be able to do something like that by myself. I hope I never have to. It was so sad. I almost cried as much as she did. I hate to think what it will be like when we lose one of our cats. And yet, I can't imagine not having them here, they are a part of our family. I can only hope they live long healthy lives and pass naturally so we never have to make the decision of when to end a life.
Sorry to be so depressing folks!
I need a cookie now....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dented egg

Weird huh?
Wonder how that happened...

It's fire time

We've had some cold weather here the last few days. It was only 62 in the house this morning! Dad and George decided it was time for a fire :)

The kitty thought it was a great idea!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Yesterday was Jamie's birthday :)
Her baby belly is really showing now!

Jamie, Galen, and our Grandma came over for dinner. We watched the debates during dinner then had some yummy carrot cake. Jamie's been having a hard time sleeping, go read her blog it's funny! So George and I got her Sleepy Beauty on DVD hahaha it was funny.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More pretty flowers

The rain is starting to take a toll on my dahlias. I've had to cut the tall ones back or the rain and wind breaks the stocks.

Before and After

So George decided not to shave between Army last month. I'm not a fan of the facial hair, but I unwillingly put up with it until his next drill. Here are the before/after, aka hairy/not hairy...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Discovering our local parks

So I've been walking at Lewisville Park three days a week. I looked up the park info to see how long the trail we've been walking is, about 1/2mile. We've been walking it four times so 2miles a day...seems longer than that!
On the parks/rec website there is of course a list of all the other local parks. I was suprised at the list of parks that have been developed in the last two years. And there's a huge one under construction just down the road from us!

Under Construction
Harmony Ridge Neighborhood Park (formerly Maple Crest)
Hockinson Meadows Community Park
Oak Grove Neighborhood Park (Heritage area)
Road's End Neighborhood Park (formerly King's Pond)
Sgt. Brad Crawford Neighborhood Park (Felida)

Completed in 2007
Cherry Neighborhood Park (Brush Prairie)
Greyhawk Neighborhood Park (Pleasant Valley area)
Jorgenson Woods Neighborhood Park (West Hazel Dell)
Little Prairie Neighborhood Park (Sifton area)
Sifton Neighborhood Park
Tenny Creek Neighborhood Park (Northeast Hazel Dell)

Completed in 2006
Orchards Highlands Neighborhood Park (Orchards)
Eisenhower School Neighborhood Park (West Hazel Dell)
Raspberry Fields Neighborhood Park (formerly Erickson Farms - Felida)
Vista Meadows Neighborhood Park (WSU area)
Walnut Grove Neighborhood Park (Andresen/St. Johns area)