Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Discovering our local parks

So I've been walking at Lewisville Park three days a week. I looked up the park info to see how long the trail we've been walking is, about 1/2mile. We've been walking it four times so 2miles a day...seems longer than that!
On the parks/rec website there is of course a list of all the other local parks. I was suprised at the list of parks that have been developed in the last two years. And there's a huge one under construction just down the road from us!

Under Construction
Harmony Ridge Neighborhood Park (formerly Maple Crest)
Hockinson Meadows Community Park
Oak Grove Neighborhood Park (Heritage area)
Road's End Neighborhood Park (formerly King's Pond)
Sgt. Brad Crawford Neighborhood Park (Felida)

Completed in 2007
Cherry Neighborhood Park (Brush Prairie)
Greyhawk Neighborhood Park (Pleasant Valley area)
Jorgenson Woods Neighborhood Park (West Hazel Dell)
Little Prairie Neighborhood Park (Sifton area)
Sifton Neighborhood Park
Tenny Creek Neighborhood Park (Northeast Hazel Dell)

Completed in 2006
Orchards Highlands Neighborhood Park (Orchards)
Eisenhower School Neighborhood Park (West Hazel Dell)
Raspberry Fields Neighborhood Park (formerly Erickson Farms - Felida)
Vista Meadows Neighborhood Park (WSU area)
Walnut Grove Neighborhood Park (Andresen/St. Johns area)


NannyOgden =-) said...

wow neat! are you going to try to walk in all of them? Why not make it a challenge :~) good job.

Emily Marie said...

That is pretty cool! Great research! Too bad I am not there to enjoy those with ya!