Sunday, April 29, 2007

George's early Bday party

George got a camera for his birthday, this is just a few of the 88 pictures from today

The great Northwest...

Out here in the great northwest we have lots and lots of trees.....lots and they grow kinda close together in some places. But don't let that detour you, if you are on a big strong scared horse, you will fit through the trees, or you will fall off the big stupid, I mean scared horse. In my case, I fit throught the trees with only minor injuries...oh and there was a stick impaled in my helmet, thats why you wear a helmet or it would be in my head! My horse is apparently 1100lbs of irrational stupidity, which is not easy to stop when he decides to take off, because the dog that he has known for the last five years startled him....He isn't usually so impusive, or energetic, but hey, it's spring, I guess the green grass got the better of him...and me...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cute puppies!

This is Mr. Ben, cute huh?

This is Piper, she is really hyper.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Something to make you think

"I think we have a finite amount of emotional energy. When we choose to expend some of it for anger, meanness, unhappy thoughts, then we have less to use for loving, laughter, and happiness." John E Kiley

All Toes

Sooo, Strider has decided that walking on the banister around the stairwell is really fun. I'm afraid he is going to lose his balance and dig his claws in, which will scratch it and make for a very unhappy Dad. So, Strider gets to be the first kitty with nail covers on all four feet! Better him than one of the girls, he puts up with it much better. Isn't he cute?!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Hmmm must post something....

Okay, so it's been too long and I figured I should post something......Yesterday was my Mom's birthday, Happy Birthday Mom! We had a little dinner at home, by her request, it was very yummy and relaxing.

George started a new quarter in school this week. He finally got all his grades from last quarter.....

All A's!!!! YAY for George! Such a smart guy, he is especially happy that so far he has A's in all the graduate level classes he's taken also, very cool!

I have had a crazy week (no pun intended...okay maybe a litte) I work for a health insurance company, and we used to outsource our mental health benefit to another company. They weren't doing a very good job, so management decided to bring the process 'in house'. And guess who gets to handle that project, yup, that would be me. This intails answering all the incoming calls from people wanting mental health services, screening them for a basic diagnosis, finding a provider that matches their needs and entering referrals for them etc... it has been very interesting and the call volume is much higher than we expected....and what do I think after a week of this? They should pay me more!

Hmmm what else.....

Wedding stuff, plans are going well, we have ordered dresses, mine and the bridesmaids, we have someone to do photos, we have a place of course (for ceremony and reception), we have the invitations, music, meeting with the florist next friday...still need tuxes, need to reserve our date with the bakery....but I think we are doing good, still have four months to go.

I found some flowers that I just lovelovelove! I always have loved orchids, but I saw these in the store yesterday, and they wanted to come home with me. I think they are soooo beautiful...I want some at the wedding, but we will see.