Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Owen!

Sweet baby Owen!
Happy First Birthday!

Started the day by playing with a massive amounts of balloons
Owen has been walking for a few weeks and thinks he's pretty hot stuff. I miss his little bear crawl and I'm so happy I got plenty of video of it before he started walking. He's wearing mostly 18mth clothing and is a big boy! I'm very curious what his height/weight is now but his wellcheck isn't until next week. He's much bigger than Norah was at a year! 
Cupcakes! organic, dairy free, gluten free, carrot cake, and it actually tasted really good!
 He will eat pretty much anything we give him and is almost done with pureed baby food. Dairy has still been an issue so we are a little restricted sharing food with him. His current favorite foods include blueberries, carrots, rice crackers, and well, the cupcake was a hit!
He ate the whole thing!
He has been saying Uh Oh for several weeks and it's so cute. Recently he's added Wow, Kih (kitty), and Dat (that) which he says when he wants something or wants to touch something. 
Birthday boy and the 'big kids', wish I had a picture with the three other babies too!
Personality has been developing by leaps and bounds lately. And not always for the best! He is very opinionated about things that he doesn't like, and will scream and throw his little body around which will be interesting as he gets bigger! Mostly he's super happy and funny and very brave. Unlike his sister he is not shy at all. He never developed stranger fear, and while he likes to know where I am when we are out somewhere, he is quite happy to wander around and visit new people.
He had plenty of help opening presents
 He has a funny little naughty streak too. Lately he's been trying to play in the toilet (EWW). We've had to keep all the doors closed and baby gates up or he makes a bee line for the potty. Usually if I can't hear him he's quietly walking down the hall to my room to see if the door is latched so he can get to the bathroom. If he sees me coming he laughs and does an adorable fast baby shuffle walk trying to reach the door first.
Sweet boy!
 While we had it rough for a long time, his nights have improved a lot and now he's general only up once wanting to nurse. He has two naps most days but can function on just one if he has too.
I'm sure there are a million more adorable things that I've left out!
We love Love LOVE him so much! It's hard to believe he's a year old already.