Saturday, March 24, 2007

Strider's healed ear

Okay, so here is Strider's ear all healed up. This is not him holding them funny, this is the way his ears are all the time now! His right ear, the one that is pointed down, was the one with all the trauma a couple months ago. At least it's not crumpled!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

cute toes!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I was trying to take a picture of how long my hair is getting, but the lighting makes me look blonde!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


You dedicated blog readers might remember from a few posts ago that my grandma was diagnosed with liver cancer just after Christmas. We lost her yesterday after a three month battle, she put up a good fight and lasted longer than the doctors expected. She was a wonderful Grandma, I will miss her stories and perhaps her wink most of all. She had a way of winking at you from across the room that just made you feel special and always made me smile. We will have a service for her in Burns, OR on Saturday. She will be buried with my Grandpa, who we lost in 1996, almost almost eleven years ago, a long time to live without your spouse.
Not trying to make anyone sad! But not all the posts can be happy ones.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

what am I?

Hmmm what could he be holding?

What on earth is that!?

Now do you see?

Ohhhh so cute!

Five new little ladies joined the family today, they are 1-3 days old

Hurray for Georgie!!!!

He is so smart! But of course we all know that :-) George has been working in the engineering lab at PSU for several quarters now on a big project that I do not understand at all! But everyone that he works with there or has shown the project to says he is doing a great job, including the professor he is working for. She is so impressed she had him submit a paper to an engineering conference, and he has been selected to present his research at the conference!!!!! The paper will be published too, and he gets to be the first author, he will be published before he even finishes his undergrad degree! Cool huh?! Want a litte more? All that awesomeness isn't enough? The conference is held in Hawaii! AND the school is paying for the travel expenses! For those of you keeping track, okay that's probably just me, but this will be George's THIRD trip to Hawaii, first two were with Clark jazz band, none of which he has had to pay for.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

lost coat

So Crown (my horse) came back with out his raincoat the other day. Hmm we said, where could it be? How did he get it off? Lets go for a ride today and see if we can find it. So over the hill and through the woods we went, expecting it to be caught on blackberry vines or a tree branch, but no luck. As we ride through the field it dawns on my where it is must be. We crest the hill in the field and look down at the valleyish low spot, where an old well used to be, where there is several inches of standing water.....yup, right in the middle, that's where he left his coat. Not totally submerged in water, but hey it's a raincoat so there are nice puddles inside the coat too. The front buckles were undone so I think he just rolled then shook it off his back end because the back buckles were still hooked. Hopefully we can salvage it, a new horse coat isn't in the budget!
Psst, this is what a horse rain coat looks like! Crownie's coat is green bad they don't make them in purple!