Monday, January 29, 2007


Well, George took Strider to the vet today, she finally decided to drain it. She also sutured a piece of plastic to the back of his ear to try and prevent the cartilage from crumpling, you can kind of see the white of the plastic in the picture. He also gets a pretty blue collar so he won't scratch it.

**note to self, shield face when cat shakes drainage.... ick..

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ouchie kitty ear

Okay, so the ear is still getting worse, it grew just this morning, I've added a picture, brace yourself before looking!

Yes, that is the inside of his ear all puffed out

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Happy birthday to ME!!!!! I'm older today, brownie points to those who can guess how old. I had a lovely day, starting with George making breakfast of french toast, yummy! Then I lazed around for a while and watched a movie with Georgie. Afternoon I went to the hair salon and had my highlights redone, I think it looks nice, but nobody else can really tell, oh well! Then I used a gift card I rcvd over Christmas to get a massage, ahhhh so nice and relaxing. Afterwards I treated myself to a manicure :-) Quite the day of pampering, too bad it's only once a year.
We had a small family dinner here at the house, lentil soup and french bread, one of my favorites since I was little kid. My sister and brother in law, grandma and uncle came over for dinner. It was nice to have them here, we don't get together often enough. It's been a really fun day!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Big hands

I like this picture :-) I don't usually think of my hands as being small, but this is Georgie's hand with my ring!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kitty update

I took Strider to the vet on tuesday and now he has three medications! The fluid continues to build in the ear, the whole thing is puffed out like a pillow now, all the way to the tip. We have to wait a few more days to see if the new meds are working...not a happy kitty :-(

Monday, January 22, 2007

Poor Kitty

Our poor kitty Strider! His ear is getting worse, it's so swollen you can't see his inner ear anymore. It's been four days since the vet trip, you'd think it would be getting better. I think we're going to have to take him in again :-(

Sunday, January 21, 2007


After several long days of dress hunting, I'm down to two that I really like. Yeah, two it's a problem...And I need to decide soon, it takes four months to get here after I place the order. I'd tell ya where you could see them online, but I'm afraid the temptation might be too much for George. As anti-blog as he is, I know he looks at it!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Adventure

Well, we managed to leave the house today, in my car none the less! We first tried putting chains on my Dad's truck, but it wouldn't go into 4wheel drive so he couldn't get it up from the lower driveway. So, I have cable chains for my car, which used to be Rhea's. So the boys put the cables on my car, which is in the upper driveway so no hill to go up. The main roads have been plowed so it wasn't too bad once we got further in town. Dad drove George, Strider, and I to the vet. And the verdict is, no infection! yay! But his ear is very swollen and he has a hematoma developing between the cartilage in his ear. This is what happened last time that made his ear crinkle. Dr Wendy says there isn't much she can do about it, just let it drain on it's own, and give the kitty happy pills :-) And boy are they working! We all watched a movie tonight, and Strider sat at the window looking at nothing almost the whole time. He's still walking a little sideways and it's been about 10hrs since he had a pill, must be good stuff!
We've got the news on right now, and apparently we're getting more snow tonight! Less than an inch supposedly, but we will see.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Freezing Drizzle

Yup, that's what the weatherman said we would have later today, freezing drizzle...only on the west coast do you hear such technical terms...It's snowing again today, started around 5:30 this morning, we're up to about an inch and a half and the news stations are saying we have a few more hours of snow to go. I'm not going to work and George's classes are canceled, which would all be much more enjoyable if we didn't have a sick kitty. Our black kitty Strider is developing an ear infection in his right ear. His left ear is crinkled from an infection he had about two years ago so I'm really worried about his other ear. One crinkled ear is kinda cute, but I think he will just look a little crazy with two. I called our vet and they are open today and can see him this afternoon, if we can make it there. My Dad has a four wheel drive truck, so if it actually stops snowing he will try to take us there.
We are supposed to get up to 4" of snow, and it's not going to melt for a couple days since our high temps are only in the upper 30's, so maybe I won't have to go to work tomorrow either!

Here is a picture of our kitty Strider, you can see that he has both ears down.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bridal Show

Mom and I went to the PDX Bridal Show yesterday. There was a fashion show of dresses and tuxes, some nice, some really really awful. There were lots of vendors for flowers, cakes, photos, dresses, and venues, so I was bombarded with cards and papers from a lot of them, some of them were really pushy! We both had several cake samples, yummy...Then we went to a dress shop here in vancouver and tried, or kinda tried some dresses on. Some of them we got out of the bag and they had a Huge train to the skirt, and I just wasn't interested, so I think I only tried on three and of those I liked one. The lady that was helping us was really nice, quite a bit older than the other gals there and very very short! Shorter than Aunt Judy, yes really! I felt a little awkward talking with her just because I was really looking down at her. And the difference between her and my mom, who is 5'10'' was really drastic.
George spent most of yesterday at PSU working on his paper that has to be done by Monday. He left this morning around 9am and is going to stay at school until its done. He is working really hard to get this done, sometime I wonder if his lab professor has forgotten he's not a grad student yet! I know he can do it, I just feel bad seeing him so stressed, but he has good reason, this has been a really difficult project.
Its been really cold here, barely making above freezing...right now its just after 1pm and its reading 33degrees. We still have some snow left from thursday, but otherwise it's dry.
We are going to look at more dresses this afternoon, I really wish my chickie was here to help. As some of you may know, my friend Rhea (aka chickie) who used to be my roommate, has moved to Hawaii. She is my maid of honor, but will only be able to be here for about a week just prior to the wedding. I am really glad my Mom is here to help, and we have a great relationship, but it's just not quite the same as having your best friend at your side. I miss you chickie!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Crater Lake

I think this is the best sign ever...this was along the road just before you reach the rim of Crater Lake. Makes you wonder how many people have fallen huh?
So we just had to take this other picture. My friend Rhea on the left, me in the middle and George to the right.

Colorful Toes!

Christmas colors on the kitty toes still, hopefully they will fall off by Valentines Day, well, the green one anyway.


Well, we have snow today! It started yesterday early evening and has accumulated about two inches. Thats not much, but here in the NorthWest it's huge! There is ice on the streets so all the local schools are closed, and my office yay! George's classes at PSU have not been canceled since Portland seemed to have missed the snow. However, I refuse to let him leave since we live on a hill and as I said before, ice on the streets. Besides, his class is recorded and he can watch it online so I don't feel too bad :-)

So here he is at his computer!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday, January 08, 2007
Well, Mom and I went looking for wedding invitations today. A gal at work had told me Costco does nice invitation prints for really good prices, and no, we don't have to order a bazillion! They had HUGE binders of invites to look at, but I only really saw three that I liked. SO, I wrote the sample numbers down so I could look them up at home online and show Georgie, yeah he said he likes them all...really helpful, so I guess I just get to pick the one I like! I feel a little safer ordering them from a real store than online, it would be so easy for them to mess something up, wording/spelling etc, and I feel better knowing I could take it back to a store rather than sending it back in the mail and hoping it gets fixed! Just a touch of paranoia...not too bad yet.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday, January 06, 2007
Countdown to August
Well, we are offically getting married THIS YEAR!! YAY! Georgie happily informed me that he has set the daily count down so he can know exactly how many days till the wedding, hopfully this is a good thing! Athough I prefer to think of it not in days to go, but far far away, you know, later this summer, then I don't feel as much pressure! We still need our guest list, invitations, dresses/tuxes, music, photographer, menu, and the grooms ring! And don't even ask about the honeymoon plans, I have no idea now since I apparently need a new car. Hmm car payments or honeymoon? Not sure how that's going to work.