Saturday, July 30, 2011

My kitchen helper

Norah loves helping me bake things. We make bread every week and she really likes watching the mixer. She also loves licking flour off the counter after I've rolled out the dough....

As soon as she sees me getting things ready she grabs a chair and pushes it right to the counter so she doesn't miss any of the action!

She's also very helpful at sampling cookie dough :)

Egg free of course.

Yes, we make bread, at home, every week.

I haven't bought a regular loaf of bread since we moved in October.


We have bought special breads, french/garlic etc.

But I make our regular sandwich/toast bread.

It's yummy.

18 weeks and a little belly

George wasn't home, so you get a phone picture! There's a little bit of belly now :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

16 weeks, updates, and a few pictures

I had an OB appt today, just a routine check up, and everything is great! After having a rough start with the doctors office by our home I switched to one in Hood River. I'm so glad I did! They are really nice and very professional. Most of my appointments are with a midwife, but there are also two OBGYNs who I will eventually see.

Daddy and Norah enjoying the cold pool last week

We (Norah and I) heard the heartbeat today and the midwife went over all my labs from the last visit. Everything is going just fine! I told her how I almost passed out after my blood draw, so I'll need to have someone with me for the next one (glucose screening). The baby seems to be a little higher than I remember Norah being this early, but the placenta might just be attached high. Whatever it is, I feel like I'm starting to poke out already!

Train ride for Lyle's birthday party in June

One of the things I really like about this office is they only have you do once a month appointments until 36 weeks, unless you become high risk. My next visit is actually at 21weeks for our ultrasound (8/17)! I'm excited that we get to find out who this little one is right before our mini vacation. We're headed to the beach the next day for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary and Norah's second birthday on August 19th!

Kaylee and Norah playing together last saturday, go teamwork!

In other news, I'm getting over a sinus infection which has turned into a nasty cough. George is back from his AT Army time and working hard trying to figure out some complicated stuff at his job. Norah is cutting her two year molars and......Potty Training! We're actually about three weeks into the potty training. It's going really well, but I was a little afraid to say anything at first, didn't want to jinx it.