Sunday, August 30, 2009

I would go just to watch it happen

Not a dancer but this would be so awesome to witness!


We decided Norah would really like a swing, since that's the motion that seemed to calm her during the super fussys at night. George went a bought one yesterday afternoon. It's the small travel size Boppy swing, not too expensive and it doesn't take up much space. After a little fussing last night she slept in it for about 4.5hrs, wow huh? We enjoyed that 4.5hrs of sleep ourselves too! Well, me more than George, he woke up frequently after the first 3 hours checking on her, I think it's so sweet but he found if very tiring. She woke around 4:45, had a snack and slept for another 2.5 hours! Yay! I got up with her at about 7:45, fed her and took her upstairs so George could sleep some more. He got up around ten, now we've both showered, dressed, fed baby again, and we're ready for some lunch! Phew!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'll get to it....

part three really is coming, baby is fussy, poopy, hungry, fussy, wet, sleepy, fussy......and we like to sleep in between. She didn't have a good stretch of sleep last night until 6am

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little things

I put up these classy curtains just after we came home. The sun was really bright when sitting in the rocking chair or on the couch. I noticed afterwards some bold text right in the middle. What are the chances? It still makes me smile.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Part Two

CAUTION TMI AHEAD if you do not want to know about/read about/think about any of the not so pleasant parts of childbirth, please skip to the end, maybe not even there, just stop reading.

So I felt like I really needed to go, bad. Although it mostly felt like GI distress, the thought was in the back of my mind maybe this is a contraction? Nah. Although I had read about how the body prepares for birth by passing everything through a day or two before. Hmmmmm. So I go, and I go again, again, you get the idea. Now it’s just after 1am, I go again, this time there’s a little something ‘extra’, a glob or plug or something equally icky and attention getting. It was at this point I finally decided I should wake George, maybe this was it, because the cramping sure wasn’t getting any better, just a lot worse and quickly.

Poor George shot out of bed when I flipped on the bathroom light. I think he said something like ‘Is it go time?’ I smiled at him for a moment, ‘yeah I think it might be’. He asked how long I’d been up and I filled him in on what had transpired so far. During these brief minutes I had more cramping, and it hurt more. He asked if he had time to take a shower, I thought he did. He showers pretty quickly. So he jumped in and I stood in the bathroom holding the counter up…another cramp, it hurt. I told him it was happening again. I continued holding the counter, another cramp, not two minutes later, ouch, it was pretty darn uncomfortable! He quickly got dressed and we started gathering things up to top off the hospital bag and diaper bag. OUCH, these are most definitely contractions and darn if they don’t hurt! I had to stop and breathe through them, holding the bed, the wall, whatever was there. George asked if he should wake my parents, I agreed it’s probably a good idea. He goes upstairs, and apparently my mother with super hearing asks if it’s baby time before he even gets down the hall to their bedroom door. Things started moving pretty quick at this point. George loaded things in the car, I paced around the bedroom. Owie owie owie was repeated many times…still at a reasonable volume at this point in time. George helped me up the stairs, my mom met us in the hall all smiles that it was baby time! Yay? It was really hurting now! I remember stopping and clinging to the wall on the way to the car, the owie chant was getting louder. I think we pulled out of the garage a little after 2am, sitting in the car didn’t agree with me, I reclined the seat back which felt a little better for a while.

Contractions were coming about every two minutes or less at this point. Every bump in the road hurt, every turn at a corner was painful. Silly George actually tried to stop at a red light, I might have said a little extra loudly, ‘What are you doing?! There’s no one there! GO GO GO!’ So he ran a few lights and stop signs after that. We did have to stop for one major light on SR500 and I think one on Mill Plain. Oh and silly George again, for some reason he thought going 5 mph over the speed limit was fast enough, hehe, so in my polite labor crazed way I corrected him. He went faster. I might have been yelling owie owie owie this really hurts, over and over and over by the time we got to the birth center. Loudly, me, yelling, during labor, not what I was expecting to do, but hey, it helped.

We got to SWMC birth center I think about 2:30am. George stopped the car in front of the doors like they had told us to do in birth class. He left the car running, not sure about that one, but hey, I wasn’t about to argue with him. He helped me out of the car and towards the doors. I saw another couple walking towards the doors, obviously they were there in labor also, but she was walking just fine. I barely made it through the doors on my feet. At night they lock the inner doors for security and you have to press the intercom to the nurses station to get in. So George pushes the button, I yell OWIE OWIE OWIE a few more times, he holds me off the floor. The nice voice from the intercom asks if she can help us, George says very calmly, ‘We’re having a baby’. She tells him to come through the doors and to the left to the nurses station. He holds me up, I’m still yelling and I think crying by this point. We have to wait a minute while they find our paperwork. Good thing we pre-registered! The other couple is standing at the counter now too. She looks fine, damn her, why is she even there?! Obviously she’s not ready yet! I did not say this out loud, I have no idea who she was, but I still kinda resent her for looking so calm while I felt like my insides where being crushed.

They take us to triage. Contractions are about every minute, minute and a half maybe. Yeah, like I said before, wasn’t expecting to be so vocal, and I kinda feel bad for the other people there, but again, it helped. The nurse asked when contractions started, I think George told her just before 1am, she looks surprised. I think she was skeptical about how far I was, perhaps thinking I’m just a drama queen or something? Not sure, but she checks me, and tells us in a slightly shocked voice, I’m at a good 9.5cm, we’re going to have our baby now! Another nurse asked from the hall how far I was, 9.5cm! Oh! They moved quickly. I yelled. Loudly. Not screaming mind you, nothing bloody murder shrieking, but some seriously loud moaning and my favorite, OW OW OW OWIE OWIE!!!!!! The nurses wheeled us down the hall towards a room, I clung to the bed rail and the nurse told me not too, she didn’t want to hurt my fingers if she hit a wall. I kept my eyes closed most of the way.
Did I mention the yelling? That I was loud? Okay, just checking. We get to a room, George told me there were a lot of people in there right away setting everything up. They moved me to the bed, I clung to the new rail and yelled. A lot. When a contraction stopped a nurse said something about getting me in a gown, then another contraction hit. No gown for me! They took vitals, started to set an IV, I remember asking the nurse between contractions if she could please wait a minute with the needle because I didn’t think she would have enough time to get it in before the next one hit. She waited, nice lady. Someone asked if I had wanted an epidural. No. Good she said, because there wasn’t time. I’m still not sure why she bothered asking.

The next contraction hit and I needed to push. So I did. Someone noticed and said, good, push if you feel the urge. Urge? Like I had a choice? It wasn’t an option people, pushing needed to happen Right Now. On the second push I felt a weird pressure, then a gush, my water broke. A few seconds later the nurses said something about the baby’s heart rate and that I needed to roll over. That was hard, I didn’t want to move or let go of the rail. George told me very calmly that the baby’s heart rate had dropped too low and they were worried about her, I had to roll to my left side to help her. I rolled with help, for her, my baby.

There was no rail! George was on the other side, I had nothing to hold on too! And then a nice nurse told me to put my arm around her, she was great. I clung to her. I can’t even remember her name, but she was the best. They wanted me to hold my leg while I pushed, I didn’t want to. George held it for me. He was amazing, right there the whole time, watched everything. I pushed again with the next contraction, I could feel the pressure changing as she moved down. On the next push she started to crown. Someone told me to reach down and feel her head. I yelled. A lot. And I remember yelling, ‘I can feel it already!’, I had no need to reach down and touch it too. One more contraction and I pushed hard, so so so hard, and it really really hurt, I can’t describe the pain but be sure, it was intense. Her head was out, follow very quickly by her body. And oh did that feel better. I swear every muscle in my body was either tense or pushing, and then it was over. There she was, all purpleish blue and wet, resting on my chest.

**If you notice, this is the same shirt I was wearing in my 40 week belly picture. I wore it to bed that night.....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Part One

I’m having a hard time getting this started…Aside from all the bits and pieces of stories I keep thinking of, I’m distracted by the bundle of insane cuteness sleeping in her boppy bouncer just a few feet away. Oh, hold on, she’s starting in to squirm and snort a little, so maybe she’s ready for another burp….nope, back to sleep. Did I mention the insane cuteness? It’s really almost more than I can handle.
Her nights are the worst so far. Anytime between 9pm and 3am every night since we’ve been home, she’s been a screaming mad gas baby. But I can get into that more later…
So Tuesday the 18th I went to the OB at 2:30 for my 40 week appointment. I could tell baby had gotten lower, she had been hurting my sciatic on the left for a few days. I’m sure moving our bedroom downstairs Sunday and Monday helped her move down too! So the doc checked my vitals, I think my blood pressure was up to 122/78, ooohh I know not high but it was the highest I’d been. She did a pelvic exam, first one I’d bothered doing since it finally felt like baby had moved. I was at a good 3-4cm! Doc said her head was low but not fully engaged yet and she was still a little sideways which is why my sciatic hurt. She suggested I get on hands and knees and rock a while since it might help the baby move around to a better position. We briefly talked about induction at 41 weeks, and I told her I was against it unless there was a problem with the baby, so she told me to make another appointment for Monday and they would start fetal monitoring. This of course assuming I didn’t have the baby by then. She guessed it would be another two days or so, but you can never be sure……
I remember having Mom feel my belly that evening when it would get hard. I couldn’t really feel anything, but randomly I’d notice my whole belly was just about rock hard, didn’t hurt at all, just felt weird to poke at! So yay, Braxton Hicks contractions means some progress! Too bad they weren’t regular. George and I went to bed around 10:30 and talked about where to eat for our Anniversary dinner the next day, wow it’s been two years already?! We never did decide where to go. I guess it’s a good thing because it wasn’t going to happen anyway!
I woke up at about 12:45 needing to go to the bathroom.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A few more...

I'm working on the Picasa file also so check there a little later. I still can't sit comfortably for a very long period of time so the 'story' part is taking me a while. However, anyone having a first baby (or more) should see this DVD we just watched. Dunstan Baby Language. You'll have to Google it I guess since I don't have a link, but it's amazing. We've had a hard time the last few nights getting her to sleep, she's had a lot of gas issues etc, we finally watched this DVD which we got at the baby shower and it is right on about so many things. I've already started using some of the suggestions and everything is working so far! Anyway, a few more pictures:

Tiny baby feet

Sarah and Evoly came to visit right from the airport!
Tiny tiny baby! Her crib looks huge!

Some cute to sustain you for a while

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally Home

Well, we are finally at home with baby Norah now. The connection in the hospital wouldn't allow us to access blogger so sorry for the delay :) I'll post the labor story a bit later for those of you that haven't heard it yet, but basically she came very fast, very very fast!

Norah Lynn 7lbs 8.5oz, August 19th 3am
She is doing very well, nursing is going great, she's had some gas issues but for the most part she is doing wonderfully! I'm moving a little slow still, quite a few stitches and swelling to deal with but getting better everyday. I need to collect pictures from a few people, then I'll start a file on Picasa.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Come out Baby!!!!

Happy Due Day to me, well, to Norah I guess. Alas, she doesn't want to come out yet. She is much lower but not fulling engaged yet and she still has plenty of wiggle room. She's also facing my side instead of my back so my sciatic nerve on the left has been rather upset since Sunday, ouchie. Which of course makes it even harder to sleep, what with the hourly bathroom trips and all. I have a little bit of puffiness in my hands and ankles but I don't think anyone else would notice.
I saw the OB today, blood pressure and all that is great. She did check me and I'm at a 3-4 and very soft, so she said anytime maybe another day or two. If I don't go before Monday they will start talking induction which I don't want, so, Come Out Baby!!!

So here we are at 40 weeks, this better be the last belly picture I have to post!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some Pictures

Okay, so for those of you that know the house this will make more sense, here are the stairs that lead up by the front door. The first door in the hall goes to the bathroom, second to the bedroom. And, yes, those are curved walls, cool huh?
This is taken from standing at the double doors above

Ahhh the pretty bathroom counters :) we have more than twice as much counter space now and close to three times the cupboard/drawer space! The counter extends to the right about the same amount as you see to the left.

The bedroom is huge compared to what we had upstairs. Oh closet space, how I love so much more space!
I'll post more when we have everything in order, maybe, I guess that depends on what Norah decides to do :) I have an OB appt tomorrow afternoon, so we should know more after that. She'll probably decide to come on the 19th so we have to share our Anniversary, our 2nd anniversary folks! Can you believe it's been two years already?! If she doesn't show by then we'll go out for dinner or something simple. Then Sarah and Evoly will be here on the 20th!
Oh and Livvy, see the pretty pillowcases!? Yay! Livvy made those for us :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New space

So the downstairs is finally done to a point that we can move down there! It seems like Murphy's law was in full effect every step of the way. And I do mean EVERY step, even today we found that the bathtub only had hot water, no cold! There have been so many things like that it's insane. Anyway, we have been working on moving our things down since about noon today, so if climbing stairs helps start labor we should find out soon :) Between moving stuff today and walking around the fair yesterday this baby should be out anytime! She does finally feel like she's dropped down, meaning my back and hips hurt a lot more. That and she had hiccups a little bit ago and they were much lower then usual, so hopefully that's a good sign :)
I'll get some pictures of our new space up a little later, after things are in place.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah and Julian!

We hope you both are having a great day on the East Coast! Post some pictures of the birthday fun :)
I guess Norah doesn't want to share her birthday with her Auntie or her cousin, sorry!
Come out baby! George took this pic today :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome Baby Isabelle!!!!!

Naomi had her baby at 12:53 this afternoon! She went in for an induction at 6am this morning and it sure didn't take long :) They are down in Wilsonville I think, so we haven't been to see them. Per Jamie everyone is doing well and Isabell is 9lbs 2oz! Wow!

Congrats Naomi and Mason!
* Naomi was due on 8/10

**If you have no idea who I'm talking about, Naomi is Galen's sister, Galen is married to my sister Jamie.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, I made it to 39 weeks without any swelling, but I think it's finally got me. The tops of my feet have lost some definition and my ring is snug. I'm hoping it's just from the humidity today, maybe tomorrow will be better? Wishful thinking right?

***well I'm not as puffy today so maybe it was the humidity? I am really warm though and it's only 68 so far today, ugh.

Monday, August 10, 2009

OB appt

Well, I had another OB appt today, not much to report. Blood pressure is great 120/70 , baby's heartbeat is great in the 140's, and I'm up 24lbs so far.
She hasn't dropped AT ALL, so the dr didn't bother checking my cervix. She still flips side to side just about every day, currently her head is at my right hip, feet kicking at my left rib. She's still on the small side so she has plenty of room to move around. I was getting some BH contractions last night about every 10-15mins. I counted five of them before I fell asleep, but nothing so far this morning. My next appt is on D Day, Tuesday the 18th. And I'm thinking this little girl is going to hang around for a while yet....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIVVY!!!!!! We hope you have a great birthday all the way over there in Florida. I'm going to make some brownies and eat them just for you!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

One Year

It's been a whole year since I left my job.
One whole year since I walked out of that office.
What a great year :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

38 with a picture

Yup, 38 weeks. I don't have a pic for today, maybe tomorrow. The heat has been exhausting, I'm glad we're headed for a few days in the 70's. I'm tired, I'm aching in various places, and she's been kicking pretty hard on my left side the last couple days. I know, complaints, but that's what I've got right now. Ugh. Otherwise, we are both healthy, doc dosen't have anything interesting to say. I go back on Monday the 10th and they'll probably check me for any progress. I've really enjoyed pregnancy up until this last week or so, now it's just uncomfortable, but it'll be over soon enough! Hopefully she doesn't decide to hang around for another three weeks...

On Monday I was running errands, driving by the mall and I saw someone pulling over with a bad blown out tire. It was flapping and hitting the car, all kinds of bad stuff. I started thinking, oh that poor person! I hope they have a spare tire, I hope they know how to change it, oh it's so hot outside and this road is so busy...and and sniff sniff They're going to have to get out and change it!!!! I was serious almost in tears. It really caught me off guard, I thought, wow, is this how most people feel the whole time they're pregnant?! Yikes! So I started laughing at myself, Hello Hormones!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Candycane shirt and watermelon

I asked George which shirt I should wear today. He picked the candycane shirt, which my sister also loves. I asked him why everyone likes this one, and he said, because you're cute, like a big huge candycane! What a sweet hubby huh? I've been giving him a hard time about that comment all can I not?! Big and huge...jezzz even if it is true you shouldn't say it! So for your viewing pleasure, me and the candycane shirt at 37.5 weeks:

Okay, the watermelon. We've been going through a lot of watermelon this last week, a lot. Not quite one a day, but close. George and I went out to do some errands today and picked up another one, and it's baby!!!! I couldn't resist, it even rang up as 'watermelon baby' can you believe that? Too cute, and the little one is actually very heavy so hopefully it's nice and juicy!