Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Come out Baby!!!!

Happy Due Day to me, well, to Norah I guess. Alas, she doesn't want to come out yet. She is much lower but not fulling engaged yet and she still has plenty of wiggle room. She's also facing my side instead of my back so my sciatic nerve on the left has been rather upset since Sunday, ouchie. Which of course makes it even harder to sleep, what with the hourly bathroom trips and all. I have a little bit of puffiness in my hands and ankles but I don't think anyone else would notice.
I saw the OB today, blood pressure and all that is great. She did check me and I'm at a 3-4 and very soft, so she said anytime maybe another day or two. If I don't go before Monday they will start talking induction which I don't want, so, Come Out Baby!!!

So here we are at 40 weeks, this better be the last belly picture I have to post!


nAnnie-Laurie :-) said...

your beautiful eyes look so tired ;-) come out baby girl - we all want to squishy you :-)

Richelle Heilmann said...

hang in there! She'll come soon and then you'll miss being pregnant. I do! I'm ready to go through it all again! :) crazy huh?!