Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Half way already?

Hmm, yup half way. 20 weeks. Cool. I'm still soaking up the fact that we are having a little girl. A LITTLE GIRL!! I guess I'm starting so show enough now that other people notice. I was at the grocery store today and the clerk gave me a pitty smile and asked if I wanted her to unload my cart. It was weird. I said, umm no thanks I've got it. It took me a while to figure out why she offered...I've never had them do that before. Oh right. The belly. Pregnant wise I'm feeling good. I feel her kicking mostly in the afternoons and at night. It hasn't been strong enough for George to feel yet, but soon. The ultrasound tech said the placenta is attached to the back of my uterus, I take that to mean when she does start kicking like a crazy baby we'll really be able to see and feel it! She was also very high up, with her head stuffed in the top left side. I have an appt on April 14th for the next ultrasound to check her growth. Other good news, the doc said I can take some cold medicine, so I'm looking forward to breathing through my nose again!

Okay so yes I think this is the same thing I was wearing in the last belly pic, get over it. I looked at this and said to my mom, huh this picture really makes it look like it's sticking out. She laughed at me and said, honey it is really sticking out. Hmm guess I need to look at my profile more often.

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a baby :)

Okay here's the super cute profile pic. The head is on the left, body to the right. The mouth is a little open :)
This is of the spine, head to the left

And a kinda creepy face pic
Oh and you wanted to know if we found out boy or girl?
Well, baby made us wait, and almost didn't let us see, I guess you could say it's shy...
Everything went pretty well, she didn't want to move much and wasn't in a great position for some of the shots but overall it was good. The only concern is that she is measuring a little small for how far along we are. We're at 20 weeks and she's only measuring a little over 18 weeks. The perinatal specialist reviewed the ultrasound findings and wants to repeat it in two weeks to check on the size/growth. My OB said not to worry about it too much, we'll see how she looks in two weeks and go from there!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


It's almost baby picture day!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAA!!!!!! I've been getting a lot more kicks this last week. I got a couple good ones last night that I think I felt with my hand on my tummy too, but of course it stopped when I grabbed George's hand. He should be able to feel it soon :) Our ultrasound is at 7:30am tomorrow!!! If you haven't voted yet, get to it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break at the coast

We just got back from our trip to the coast. Had a great time, but I'm feeling a little sick, so I put up pictures on picasa but you'll have to wait for stories.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Sweet Husband and the Death Melon

So everything has been going really well pregnancy wise, and I haven't had any real cravings. But a couple days ago I started thinking about melon. Melon sounded really good, yummy juicy melon....I said something to George about wanting melon and I got the usually response, Yick! Death Melon!!!! George really hates cantelope and anything like it. The only melon he will eat is watermelon. I think the last time he ate cantelope he actually threw it up. He won't eat a fruit salad that has melon in it either, because it touched the other fruit and ruined them. Okay, so you get the idea right? Yeah, I still wanted melon.
Last night I was helping a lady with her dinner party from 5-7, then I had to go across town to where I'm pet sitting and feed the cats. I got home about 8:15, tired and my back was hurting from washing dishes for an hour. Well, guess what? My Sweet Husband went and got me TWO death melons while I was gone! Isn't he the best?! I think so :)
I already ate half of one, it's really good...But don't worry honey I won't make you try any!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun at the Barn

Livvy and the boys came to the barn today. We had lots of fun brushing and riding Crown. The boys also helped clean up the barn! I posted a bunch of pictures on my picasa. They also came back to our house and got to see the baby chicks, all 18 of them! We bought a few more :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CSA's in the Oregonian Paper

Here's another awesome artical about CSA farms, this one from the Oregonian paper today.


Bumpbump 18 weeks!

Baby says bumpbump the last few days, and this time I'm sure it's baby. Last night I was sitting in bed reading with a pillow under my knees, so kinda squished baby. It bumped in the same spot a couple times, and I said, um hello? Then this morning I had my feet up on a box under my desk, again with the tummy squishing, and I got a few more nudges in the same spot as last night! Yay :)
So 18 weeks means I'm in month 5 now, wow. cool. Or if you're George, 'wow, ... really?' Ha!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Six chicks

Well, looks like six is the number. Momma got off the nest some time today and moved her chicks to the bottom of the coop. The remaining eggs were cold when we found them, so we have six chicks! All look great, and are settling in their new home away from the rest of the hens.


There are four chicks now! And a fifth is starting to hatch!
They are sooo cute :) and Momma is being really good,
she purrs at them and tucks them under her. We gave her a little pile of food and a dish of water so she won't be to tempted to leave the nest. I was wrong about the egg count, she's sitting on about a dozen eggs! We're trying to decide what to do with her/chicks location wise. They need to be moved to the other smaller coop so the big hens won't bother them, but we don't want to move momma and risk her leaving the eggs. We're thinking about bringing the chicks in the house as they hatch so we can keep them warm and safe until the rest hatch.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We have a chick!

One of the hens was being really broody, meaning she was sitting on everyones eggs/staying on the nest all day. So we decided to let her try and hatch some chicks for us. We have two rosters, so nature takes its course, and wahla! Baby chick! This one hatched yesterday, there's one hatching today too, and she's sitting on 7-8 eggs. We have no idea if they will all hatch or not, but we'll have at least two! Oh and we put all green eggs under her since we don't have as many of that kind of chicken. If this baby is a hen, she'll start laying her own eggs in about Sept.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Woosha Woosha!

Yesterday Mom and I went to another conference called the Farmer to Chef Connection. It was held at the Clackamas Comm College. There was some interesting information on how to connect local cooks/chefs and farmers so that we are using our local produce and supporting each other. Although our farm is still mainly focused on CSA shares, there is usually some surplus, so we were looking for some resources for selling said surplus instead of farmers market/donating/composting. Yes yes, donations are great and a tax write off, but bottom line, the farms still needs to make money! Anyway, learned some interesting stuff. Oh and enjoyed the snow fall! It was falling most of the morning/early afternoon. Big fluffy stuff, but not much sticking.

We left about 3:15 and headed back to Vancouver for my 4:30 OB appt. This was rescheduled from last Monday since my doc was out sick. I was suprised that I got in by 4:45 since it was so late in the day, I was expecting to wait at least half and hour. Mom came in with me and got to meet Dr Wiens. She's great, I really like her. Everything is looking great. She was a little concerned since I've been losing weight, but I actually gained a little this last week, so just something to watch. Then the best part, the woosha woosha! Or hearing the baby's hearbeat for you none prego people! She found it really fast and we got to listen for a while. It was right around 145-150 which is perfect. The next appt will be the really fun one! My ultrasound! It will be on Monday March 30th. Yes we would like to know boy/girl, we're thinking probably a girl with the genetics and all, but I've had a couple dreams that it's a boy :) So here's a little bit of belly, these are still my regular jeans, but they are starting to cut in a little, so probably won't be wearing them much longer.

After that, we went to Red Robin and had dinner with the fam for Galen's birthday, he's 28! It was Kaylee's second time going out to a restraurant and she did really well! And she's already wearing her 6 month clothes, and she'll be 3 months tomorrow!

Jamie and Kaylee are over here this morning visiting. Look at her feet all the way to the end of her 3-6month sleeper!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yes again.....

Sorry Emily, I thought we were done with it!
Yes, that's right, it's snowing again. I'm done with the snow pictures, and it's not really sticking anyway. I was just thinking about getting my snow tires off too, maybe next week?