Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Woosha Woosha!

Yesterday Mom and I went to another conference called the Farmer to Chef Connection. It was held at the Clackamas Comm College. There was some interesting information on how to connect local cooks/chefs and farmers so that we are using our local produce and supporting each other. Although our farm is still mainly focused on CSA shares, there is usually some surplus, so we were looking for some resources for selling said surplus instead of farmers market/donating/composting. Yes yes, donations are great and a tax write off, but bottom line, the farms still needs to make money! Anyway, learned some interesting stuff. Oh and enjoyed the snow fall! It was falling most of the morning/early afternoon. Big fluffy stuff, but not much sticking.

We left about 3:15 and headed back to Vancouver for my 4:30 OB appt. This was rescheduled from last Monday since my doc was out sick. I was suprised that I got in by 4:45 since it was so late in the day, I was expecting to wait at least half and hour. Mom came in with me and got to meet Dr Wiens. She's great, I really like her. Everything is looking great. She was a little concerned since I've been losing weight, but I actually gained a little this last week, so just something to watch. Then the best part, the woosha woosha! Or hearing the baby's hearbeat for you none prego people! She found it really fast and we got to listen for a while. It was right around 145-150 which is perfect. The next appt will be the really fun one! My ultrasound! It will be on Monday March 30th. Yes we would like to know boy/girl, we're thinking probably a girl with the genetics and all, but I've had a couple dreams that it's a boy :) So here's a little bit of belly, these are still my regular jeans, but they are starting to cut in a little, so probably won't be wearing them much longer.

After that, we went to Red Robin and had dinner with the fam for Galen's birthday, he's 28! It was Kaylee's second time going out to a restraurant and she did really well! And she's already wearing her 6 month clothes, and she'll be 3 months tomorrow!

Jamie and Kaylee are over here this morning visiting. Look at her feet all the way to the end of her 3-6month sleeper!


Olivia said...

OH my goodness!! Cutie mommy!! And cutie Kaylee, too. She's getting so big. :)

um....Boy. ;)

Nanny-Laurie :) said...

YEAH! baby heartbeat :) and baby poochy :) so cute -- and just a tip - if you want to wear your regular jeans just a bit longer before you make the switch to prego clothes....put a LARGE, heavy rubber band through the button hole, and loop it around the jeans metal button -- works great! :) I saw another CSA place on my trip around town together -- hope you can make enough extra to sell to restaurants - what a neat idea! I like your "one at a time" 'Rosie the rivater' decal - cute!

Emily Marie said...

Oh my! I am so excited for you! I wish I could see you all! I love the woosha woosha it is something you will look forward to every visit now! You are so cute! I was going to say just what my mom said about the rubber band because most of the time you won't fit into maternity stuff right away anyway, so just adjust your regular pants! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Sidney said...

HOORAY! Prego picture! Better yet, you have a head and legs (not one of those creeps headless pregnant lady pics) :-) So excited for you and George...hope you're feeling alright!

Jamie and Galen Fish said...

My girl is gonna be a tall one! Now if only she'd fill out the middle of those sleepers instead of having them swim on her. I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer for the buddha belly!