Thursday, March 12, 2009


There are four chicks now! And a fifth is starting to hatch!
They are sooo cute :) and Momma is being really good,
she purrs at them and tucks them under her. We gave her a little pile of food and a dish of water so she won't be to tempted to leave the nest. I was wrong about the egg count, she's sitting on about a dozen eggs! We're trying to decide what to do with her/chicks location wise. They need to be moved to the other smaller coop so the big hens won't bother them, but we don't want to move momma and risk her leaving the eggs. We're thinking about bringing the chicks in the house as they hatch so we can keep them warm and safe until the rest hatch.


Emily Marie said...

Wow, so cute! Such a responsibility! You will get good at taking care of babies! hehee

Nanny-Laurie :) said...

oooo oooo -- more chickies :)

Jamie and Galen Fish said...

Eeee! So cute! I want to come squish the baby! hehe!

Sarah Jane, Marlon Estuardo & Evoly Mercedes said...

The dark one on the left looks like it's beak is broken! :( What happened?

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

I have so much fun reading about your farming adventures. I envy you. And your chicks are absolutely adorable!
Can't wait to see what a cute BABY you will raise! Ha!

PapaOgden said...

Nice chicky peeps. A feather in your cap. :-)