Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun at the Barn

Livvy and the boys came to the barn today. We had lots of fun brushing and riding Crown. The boys also helped clean up the barn! I posted a bunch of pictures on my picasa. They also came back to our house and got to see the baby chicks, all 18 of them! We bought a few more :)


Emily Marie said...

Very fun! The girls wish they could come back! Oh and as far as your poll about the gender of the babe.... Why am I the only one picking a girl...doesn't anyone know George's family genetics!??? LOL just kidding, that would be GREAT if you had a boy...but I am not holding my breath! Maybe that is just because Carlos has the same genetic history and we have 3 girls but... ;)

Olivia said...

Best day ever!!!! Thank you so much. :)