Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nothing really interesting

Nothing much to report from here. Strider got his stitches out on Saturday but still has to wear the cone thingie for a while longer. I've been driving the new car for almost two weeks now, and I still like it yay!

My parents and uncles took my grandma to Burns, OR over the weekend to visit her brother, probably for the last time. She has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and the doctors are counting her life expectancy in weeks now. My mom has been working none stop since before the holidays getting grandma's affairs/accounts in order, inacting hospice and long term care coverage and so on, very time consuming.

I worked my first 80hr pay period these last two weeks, whew! Can't wait for payday! I'll be rich for like, an hour...then it will all be gone to bills :-( oh well, so is life!

George is in the middle of mid terms, good thing there aren't beds at school, or I don't think he would come home!

We watched the movie "Flicka" last night. I had to watch it, it's a horse movie. The movie its self wasn't too bad, but since I love love love the trilogy, it was almost painful to watch. It did not represent the books at all. The first one of which is 'My friend Flicka' for those of you who might be interested. This is the only trilogy of books I have re-read...and several times. Every few years I just feel the need to read them again, like right now! But I can't find my box-o-books, it's packed away somewhere, bummer.

Here is a super cute picture of our birdies! Simon on the left (mine) and Jordie on the right (George's) Simon is going to be 10yrs old this year, and I believe Jordie is going to be 2yrs old.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Okay I don't usually do these

I've been tagged... Here's how it works: "Each player of this game starts with '6 Weird Things about You'. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog!"
1. I like blueberry pancakes...okay I like to eat the little fake blueberry things out of the drives George nuts ( that's a bonus ;-)
2.I have a really messy car, and I pass the blame to Rhea, she is the queen of messy cars, except she doesn't have one anymore. I'm going to really try to keep the new car clean-er, maybe
3. I hate it when people stop the microwave and don't clear the time, nothing like looking over to see what time it is...ACK only :22seconds left! But I have so much to live for!!
4. If I'm at the end of a really good book, or somewhat close to the end (or I just can't stop), I will stay up all night reading it even if I have to leave for work at 7:30am the next morning. This is especially bad with sad books since my eyelids puff really bad from crying. Try explaining to non-book-loving coworkers, 'nono I didn't have a fight with my boyfriend, I just stayed up too late reading a sad book....yes really, because I like books'...and on and on
5. I have a tendency to pick expensive things, okay examples, if given a selections of items w/out price tags, I generally end up picking the most expensive wedding invitations...hehe, should we all wish George good luck? J/K he knows already and thinks its funny
6. I think it's fun to brush my horse when he is really really really dirty. I think it's because he has lots of white hair and I get some sense of accomplishment as I uncover the white. And no, I don't like cleaning inanimate things. I like to think that he appreciates it, when he's probably thinking, oh man! it took me a long time to work up all that dirt!

Okay there's some weird stuff, and I don't have anybody left to tag :-(

Friday, February 9, 2007

A new (to me) car

Well, I finally got a new car. It's a 2000 hyundai elantra and it's dark gray. It drives/rides well and it wasn't too expensive. It is a little smaller than my nissan altima, but not enough to have to make any adjustments in driving. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my nissan. It needs a little work and the miles are too high (282,000) for anyone to buy it. Do wrecking yards charge you to take a car? This is a bad picture of the new car, but you get the idea. My insurance is going up, obviously cause the car is newer, and I'm adding more coverage, but it will go down once we are married, again with a multi car discount, and again when Georgie and I are 25, eventually I will be paying less than I am now for much better coverage!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The joy of simple taxes

Well, I sure will miss filing taxes as a single person... it's so easy right now :-) And I get a nice refund. Since I paid so much tuition last year I get an education credit, otherwise I would have owed them a little! I probably won't be so lucky with 2006 taxes since I'm only paying for one class this year instead of 8-10 classes, but it'll be all messed up anyway trying to figure out how to file as married! Of course, it'll probably put us in a lower tax bracket since it will be two people on my income...yes George has income too but his is usually way below the poverty line anyway since it's mostly army reserve income, so he always gets a refund. But, we will be married less than six months by the time we need to file taxes...does that matter?

On a random note...George still has our gingerbread house next to his computer. Anyone want to guess how long it will be there? I'm guessing until about mid-April, unless he reads this then it will be gone in a few days!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Thursday, February 1, 2007


He purred today for the first time since the surgery :-) yay

And for all you obsessive blog readers, update your blogs!

How to look cool at the gym...anyone know? I feel bad that I hate the teeny tiny girls at the gym, can't there be separate times/rooms for the tiny people to exercise so the rest of us don't have to see them? I do half and hour on the eliptical machine and I'm happy I didn't die, I may feel like I'm dying, but I didn't! Woohoo 200 calories burned, that cancels the ice cream I had last night right? Then I look over at the teenytiny next to me, who has been going for upwards of an hour and hardly looks like she's broken a sweat...ugh, I have to figure a way to make it motivating instead of discouraging. Can jealousy be a motivator? Is it really so wrong to want to flick them as I drag myself back to the locker room? I wish there was more instant gratification in exercising...'whew, that was a hard workout, I must have lost a couple pounds from that...(steps on scale)...What?! I gained half a pound? well there was the giagantic bottle of water I drank...But still!'
Okay enough ranting
Life is good, work is okay, school is okay, George is working really hard at school...I think he will be home by 9pm tonight, I hope so! The cat is getting better...the checkbook isn't! Wedding plans are going well. Still trying to decide on a dress, picked invitations..still waiting on the guest list hint hint :-) ... we will be picking out food for the reception soon. Still need to find a photographer and pick a bakery to make the cake. Doing good so far, six months to go!
Okay you read mine, now update yours!