Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Babies

I love going back and looking at pictures of Norah as a little baby.

Since Owen is so much bigger than she was it's fun to see how different they look at the same age.

Here's Norah at two months:

Owen at two months:

They both have great baby cheeks, but Owen is about three pounds heavier.

Love my babies!


My little squishy baby!

2 1/2 months
He is super strong and holding his head up so well already.

The smiles!!
I LOVE the smiles!
His smiles go right up to those big baby eyes

He's not such a little baby though, I just brought out all the 6mth size sleepers!
Those rolls need some room!

Childrens Park

The Childrens Park, Hood River

A few weeks ago , after most of the snow had melted, we ventured to the park.

Norah loves this park. It's an older one, where all the structures are wooden.

We always have to spend a lot of time on the swings. I know understand why I used to hear moms limiting the amount of time on the swings. Norah would spend and hour swinging if I let her. I try to encourage her to run around and burn off some energy, not just spend the whole time swinging!

If she's not swinging, then she's in the sand....oh well, at least it's outside and fresh air!

I'm excited for spring to come. Sunshine and warm days are so close!


I love pictures of my dad holding the girls.

Kaylee & Norah~Grandpa's Girls~Sept 2010

These girls loooooove their grandpa! When we go to Vancouver Norah always says we are going to Grandma's house. I usually tell her it's Grandma AND Grandpa's house. When we get there the first thing she says is, Where Grandpa go? My mom usually has to steal a hug from her then help her find Grandpa!

Grandpa's Girls~August 2011

Grandpa always has interesting projects going on around the house. Norah loves watching him work and helping if she can! The best thing however, is when Grandpa takes her on walks outside. She loves being outside! Since Grandma and Grandpa have 5 acres and chickens, walks at their place are always super fun.

It might help that Grandpa does things like this:

Homemade Ice Cream!

Hopefully this weekend we can get a picture of Grandpa with his boys too!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Owen is two months already!


One of these days I'll figure out how to get the red eye correction to work...

I started him in cloth diapers last week, so cute!

Suprisingly he's almost ready for size 2 disposables.

Just as a comparison, Norah was in sz 3 when we potty trained!

And sometimes, during tummy time...

He rolls!

The smiles are multiplying!

It's getting pretty easy to get coo's and smiles out of him now.

Owen is a sweet little rolly polly baby. He's nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and we're getting some 4 hours stretches at night now. Tolerable, but I'm still looking forward to the first night he sleeps all the way through!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Norah is getting so good at potty training, she can do just about everything by herself now. Too bad the stepstool isn't a little taller, she really has to stretch for the sink!

Yes, she wears pants....we were just getting dressed for the day :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Owen is six weeks already and packing on the chubby rolls!

Love him!

The Jungle!

We brought out the playmat this week for Owen. He seems to like it so far and will wiggle for 10mins or more at a time. I got Norah up the other morning and she asked where brother was. I told her he was wiggling on his playmat and she said, Oh? In the jungle? It was so cute! The playmat has animal print on it, and several animals hanging from it. I'm not sure when she decided it was 'the jungle' since we've never called it that, but very observant on her part!