Saturday, February 25, 2012

Childrens Park

The Childrens Park, Hood River

A few weeks ago , after most of the snow had melted, we ventured to the park.

Norah loves this park. It's an older one, where all the structures are wooden.

We always have to spend a lot of time on the swings. I know understand why I used to hear moms limiting the amount of time on the swings. Norah would spend and hour swinging if I let her. I try to encourage her to run around and burn off some energy, not just spend the whole time swinging!

If she's not swinging, then she's in the sand....oh well, at least it's outside and fresh air!

I'm excited for spring to come. Sunshine and warm days are so close!


Emily Marie said...

such a big girl! I love her bunny ears! (that is what we call them!) Glad you are all well!

Olivia Heilmann said...

I love parks. I took the boys the other day, but it was so windy!! Can't wait for this sunshine to actually mean it is warm outside!