Sunday, July 29, 2007

Look, pictures, see it's easy to post pictures! We just took them and now they are on the blog, it works so well you should all try it.....

Here are the pretty but girly ribbon and flower bubbles
Pretty green eyed Larkin

Super Cute Georgie

Sleepy Abby

Cuddly Strider

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another day

It's nice here today, sunny and warm. We are making dinner, chicken and salad, George is cutting all the veggies for the salad. I had a meeting with some providers today. It went well, they like me. I went with two other people from work, it was nice to get out of the building during the day. We are still missing about a third of our more week and they get the polite nasty are you coming or not call. We found a fun place for the rehersal lunch, Kennedy School, it's McMenamins, we will get our own room so we can be as noisy as we want. I've been tying ribbon and little flowers on all the bubble tubes, why you ask? Now that I'm 3/4 of the way through I'm not really's taking a long time, aren't I supposed to have bridesmaids to do this stuff? But it looks cute. George is still working on the music, looks like it's coming along well. He leaves for TX on Monday :( back on Aug 6th, at least it's not the full two weeks. I think when August hits I'll start freaking out a little, for now I'm okay, George seems to be fine, if not he's hiding it very well. Okay, enought rambling time for dinner.
Oh and I'm only slightly obsessively checking Sarah's blog for baby updates...hint hint

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Day

Because I know you are all clicking through the blogs hoping someone updated, here was my day:
Did not get up to walk at 6am like I have been, instead I slept in until 6:45, it was wonderful.
Left for work at 7:30, arrived and starting answering phone calls at 8am.
Answered phone calls, processed faxes, entered referrals.
Talked to a guy having a panic attack, almost threeway called crisis line, he calmed down, tried to set him up with a counselor, he decided to set it up himself.
Went to 'lunch' 12-12:30 (went to bank, went to UPS store, went to grocery store, whew..)
Answered phone calls, processed faxes, entered referrals.
Talked to panic attack guy again, decided he didn't want to make appts himself, wanted me to do it, wanted appt today or he was going to I called providers found one that would see him today..entered referral.
Answered phone calls, processed faxes, entered referrals.
Left work at 4:30, went to gas station, went to post office, went home.
Paid bills, balanced checkbook, update budget spreadsheet.
Cleaned bedroom, sorted laundry, started washer. Put away clean clothes.
Organized dresser drawers, started goodwill bags. Started new load of laundry.
Played with budget spreadsheet, forecasted future savings/debt.
And now here I am, need to switch the laundry again and hopefully I will be in bed by 10pm.
And I get to do it all again tomorrow. Not complaining, just a little venting...really ready for my vacation time in August.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I love my dress! It is soooooo beautiful :) And I love that I get to put it on again in a few weeks for a final fitting. I don't think I have ever enjoyed looking at myself in a mirror for that long! Ahh too bad you all have to wait, what is it? 29 more days? :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

30 days

Well, we're at the 30 day mark, yay!
We had some pictures taken on Monday, it was pretty fun. We went to Laurelhurst park in Portland, boy is the duck pond green! We haven't seen the pics yet, hopefully there's one good one. Livvy got first had experience in hair that refuses to curl, hence I have my normal straight hair in the pics :) Thanks for trying Livvy!
The boys all got measured for tuxes last weekend, whew! One more thing off the list. I have dress alterations on Saturday, some minor issues but it should be fixable. George has been working on music for the reception, go itunes! Hopefully that will be done before he leaves for TX for army stuff. He has also been working on the picture show, turns out to be a little more work than we thought...but we'll get through it and it'll be really fun to see all the pictures.
I've been really busy at work and trying not to come home grumpy, I'm okay most of the time but these last few days have been hard. Light at the end of the tunnel, supervisor/management has finally decided I need a new job title/position and maybe what I've been doing really is too much for one person....who woulda thought? Hopefully that will happen in the next week or two.
We are really looking forward to everyone being here soon :) It's going to be so much fun! And for inquiring minds, we went with yummy taste over cool shape. And we are recruiting those of you with flower arranging skills for reception setup, we are putting together the centerpieces with dahlias and roses, maybe some white orchids if I can find them cheap. Oh,this can only be done a few hours before the reception.... We love you all!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Are you a guardian? Do you know who your guardians are?

A friend at work sent this to me, not sure where she found it, but I thought is was interesting

Just Being There
Acting As A Guardian
One of the greatest gifts we can give another human being is to act as their guardian. Whether this gift is related to a specific situation or is representative of an ongoing commitment, we each benefit from the association. To protect someone is to walk with them in challenging times and see them through safely to the other side. In doing this, we grow with them. And those under our guardianship derive confidence from our support and assistance, enabling them to persevere through almost any conditions.

There are many reasons we feel inspired to serve as guardians to those we care for. Sometimes just holding the space for somebody allows them to do what is necessary to grow or heal. We may simply want to see that our friend or loved one is taken care of and equipped to prevail over difficult circumstances. We may also sense that we are in possession of knowledge our loved ones are lacking yet need in their current stage of development. Our offer to serve as a guardian may also be both unsolicited and unrelated to any one situation. Instead of helping someone we care about cope with a specific challenge, we may find ourselves providing them with a more general form of emotional sustenance that prepares and strengthens them for challenges yet to come.

Our ability to empathize with those under our guardianship is our greatest asset because our comprehension of their needs allows us to determine how we can best serve them. Even when this comprehension is limited, however, the loving intentions with which we enter into our role as guardian ensure that our care and protection help others grow as individuals while living their lives with grace

Sunday, July 1, 2007

look what I have :)

okay, so it was the horse again, but he didn't mean to! He has shoes on his front feet, we were just walking and he stepped on his right front shoe with is back foot which caused him to fall to his knees which threw off my balance and then he lunged to get up and I fell off and tried to catch myself, hence the wrist brace, ouch. He pulled the shoe off trying to get up, so now I have to call the farrier early, but poor Crownie he felt bad, he looked at me sitting on the ground and I reached up to pet him and he started licking my hand, weird I know, but it was sweet, like he was saying, sorry mom I didn't mean to!
Before all that, we went to dinner last night with some family to celebrate my graduation and my parents surprised me with this amazing gift! Yes, there are two of them...just didn't think you needed pics of both ears! They are stunning and I was shocked, they are so beautiful!