Sunday, August 30, 2009


We decided Norah would really like a swing, since that's the motion that seemed to calm her during the super fussys at night. George went a bought one yesterday afternoon. It's the small travel size Boppy swing, not too expensive and it doesn't take up much space. After a little fussing last night she slept in it for about 4.5hrs, wow huh? We enjoyed that 4.5hrs of sleep ourselves too! Well, me more than George, he woke up frequently after the first 3 hours checking on her, I think it's so sweet but he found if very tiring. She woke around 4:45, had a snack and slept for another 2.5 hours! Yay! I got up with her at about 7:45, fed her and took her upstairs so George could sleep some more. He got up around ten, now we've both showered, dressed, fed baby again, and we're ready for some lunch! Phew!


Olivia said...

I can't believe how much I miss my Georgie.

You are the best brother. I know you are my only one...but that doesn't count.

You are truly one of a kind and I love you and admire you more than you know. You are the most perfect daddy ever. I love you, George.

Jamie said...


Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

I feel you on the sleepless nights. I hope it continues to get better for you!

nAnnie-Laurie :-) said...

you're on your way in the most exhilarating, frightening and awesome ride of your life