Monday, August 10, 2009

OB appt

Well, I had another OB appt today, not much to report. Blood pressure is great 120/70 , baby's heartbeat is great in the 140's, and I'm up 24lbs so far.
She hasn't dropped AT ALL, so the dr didn't bother checking my cervix. She still flips side to side just about every day, currently her head is at my right hip, feet kicking at my left rib. She's still on the small side so she has plenty of room to move around. I was getting some BH contractions last night about every 10-15mins. I counted five of them before I fell asleep, but nothing so far this morning. My next appt is on D Day, Tuesday the 18th. And I'm thinking this little girl is going to hang around for a while yet....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIVVY!!!!!! We hope you have a great birthday all the way over there in Florida. I'm going to make some brownies and eat them just for you!


Jamie said...

I'm glad everything is going well, sorry we didn't stick around this afternoon but we're tuckered out. And I still thing Norah will be born on the 22nd. Sorry! hehe

Olivia said...

Thanks Nette! I hope your brownies were yummy! Come on baby...GET HERE!