Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well, we have snow today! It started yesterday early evening and has accumulated about two inches. Thats not much, but here in the NorthWest it's huge! There is ice on the streets so all the local schools are closed, and my office yay! George's classes at PSU have not been canceled since Portland seemed to have missed the snow. However, I refuse to let him leave since we live on a hill and as I said before, ice on the streets. Besides, his class is recorded and he can watch it online so I don't feel too bad :-)

So here he is at his computer!


Laurie said...

georgie's cute even from the back - you work so hard and I'm so proud :)

Emily Marie said...

Snow!! We haven't even gotten any snow! How fun! I am one of those werid people who love the snow! Well I am glad that you keep my brother safe.:) (just found out about your blog!)