Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Freezing Drizzle

Yup, that's what the weatherman said we would have later today, freezing drizzle...only on the west coast do you hear such technical terms...It's snowing again today, started around 5:30 this morning, we're up to about an inch and a half and the news stations are saying we have a few more hours of snow to go. I'm not going to work and George's classes are canceled, which would all be much more enjoyable if we didn't have a sick kitty. Our black kitty Strider is developing an ear infection in his right ear. His left ear is crinkled from an infection he had about two years ago so I'm really worried about his other ear. One crinkled ear is kinda cute, but I think he will just look a little crazy with two. I called our vet and they are open today and can see him this afternoon, if we can make it there. My Dad has a four wheel drive truck, so if it actually stops snowing he will try to take us there.
We are supposed to get up to 4" of snow, and it's not going to melt for a couple days since our high temps are only in the upper 30's, so maybe I won't have to go to work tomorrow either!

Here is a picture of our kitty Strider, you can see that he has both ears down.

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Olivia said...

Poor baby! I hope you were able to get to the vet. It's pretty here...but scary just trying to get the mailbox without getting hurt falling.