Saturday, October 18, 2008


We had our first good frost the other day, so the trees are starting to turn colors now. I got a couple nice pics of our laceleaf maples
We grew some pumpkins this year. The big ones didn't do so well since it took us so long to get them planted. Hopefully they will be better next year. The mini pumpkins however did Very Well. Mom has been giving them out to our CSA members by the handfull. She also put one on every fence post along the street, very cute. Here's what is left
Some of them are really tiny!

What is this?! Alien food? This carrot must have had a nice chunk of soil, it's a monster! The most surprising thing about didn't split!


Emily Marie said...

Beautiful! Cute! Wow! Hehehe! Hope you all are doing well! LOVE YOU!

Jamie and Galen Fish said...

Carrot of doooooooomm! Is it hollow at all in the middle?

NannyOgden :) said...

leaves are so beautiful - pumpkins are so cute - and that carrot is possessed !!! hehe ;) wonder if it tastes okay?? have you eaten it yet??