Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Kaylee & Norah
Can you believe they are only 8 months apart?
They are about as different as you can get, in looks and personality.
This was at Grandpa and Grandma's house three weeks ago. They were running around the house holding hands, too cute!

Two weeks ago Jamie and Kaylee (my sister and niece) stayed with us while George was out of town. The girls had so much fun playing and making huge messes in every room. They both like to play 'ni-night' and were being very good and sharing Kaylee's special cot.

I'm so glad we didn't have to move too far and are able to see them every few weeks.

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Richelle said...

That's sooo cute!! We miss you guys! Evey loves to take me on walks. She'll say hand, and grab it and start walking. She also loves to have someone hold each hand and walk. I'll have to post pics of that. It's cute!