Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rehearsal Day/Lunch

Alright, calling all family! Our rehearsal is Friday 8/17 from 10:30-11:30 with lunch to follow. We would like all siblings to attend since you, whether you know it or not :) are going to help decorate and we would like you to get a peek at the place prior to W day. Please let us know if you cannot attend so we can adjust the head count for lunch! Spouses and children are of course included, so again, please tell us if you are not going to come.
Thank you!


Olivia said...

Sounds great!

Nana said...

Ok - from the Virginia crew - just as a final count from us -- Carlos, Emily, Laurie, Sarah, Miriam and Elaine -- ummm, I think that is 6 :) Can't wait :) Ok, guess we have to wait, but we're excited! Em (and girls) is already on her way there, for her High School Reunion and the rest of us will follow on the 16th. See ya soon! :)