Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunny day in Vancouver, WA

It was a beautiful warm sunny day here. I think it got up to 78*, very warm for us! I gave my horse a bath this morning, first of the year.....which means nasty brown dirty water! He did really well, hopefully he didn't roll in too much mud today :)

Big chickens get to wander around durning the day if someone is outside. They were enjoying a nice dirt bath next to the house.
Dad mowed the lawn, and the mower broke....but he got most of it done before it broke
What good puppies! Piper and Mr Ben
Pretty Pipper puppy!

I started planting the roses this afternoon. Dad tilled me a row so the digging was easier. There are 16 total. I planted 7, I was hoping to get half in but my back decided I was done at 7.

Here's the first one, it's little now but in a couple months it'll be big and beautiful
Only 9 more to go....


Emily Marie said...

That is a nice day! We have also been having great weather! Glad you got so much done! :)

Funny Nana =) said...

It certainly was a beautiful day on Saturday! and most of Sunday as well -- then the rainy cold came back =( thanks for helping trim some of my roses, too, and teaching me and Livvy the proper way to do it =)