Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birthdays, Redmond, mothers day........

Friday was my grandma's 83rd birthday. We went out to Applebees in Gresham with lots of family and had a nice dinner and super yummy Larsons banana cake (Livvy knows how yummy). George, myself, my sister and brother inlaw, and my parents went in on a gift for her. We got one of those really cool digital picture frames. Jamie and I loaded some pictures on it for her ahead of time. She thought it was really neat and was happy it would be so easy to turn on ;) she's not much for the technology stuff. All in all it was a good night.

Saturday I drove to Redmond, OR to a Parelli horse training seminar. It took about 3 hours and I drove all by myself! I don't like driving long distances to places I've never been all alone.... A friend of mine gave me some CDs of Dave Ramseys financial classes. I'd never heard of him but I guess its popular. It was all about how to save money and have financial success and be debt free. I was pretty pleased with myself by the fourth lecture (13total) because I have already done all the stuff he talks about. Have a budget in writing, list all the bills and the income and where every dollar goes to. Have an emergency fund. Have 3-6 months of expenses/bills in savings incase you lose your job/have an emergency etc. Anyway, the Parelli stuff was great. I stayed Saturday night with friends that are equally or more horse crazy. Sunday stuff was cool too, lots of demos and problem solving things. I drove home (all by myself...) that afternoon. I stopped at the grocery store on my way and got stuff to make dinner for mothers day.

I got home just before 7pm and George, Galen, and I made chicken faijitas for dinner. We had a nice family dinner with Jamie and Galen and my parents. We got Mom some tulips, a card, and some yummy ice cream.

Monday I had to go to work. I was so tired. It was really really busy. I think everyone decided to call me that day because they all knew I was tired. When I got home I planted about 60 dahlia tubers. George pounded in stakes for me and we made a little twine/stake fence so the dogs can't run through the flower bed. It's going to be sooooo pretty! I divided the tubers from the dahlias we grew last year for the wedding. There are tons of them! Yay!
The other farming/CSA stuff is really coming along too. Mom has been very busy getting things planted outside.
They have also been building a new chicken coop and are going to fence off an area to move all the chickens too. They are getting huge! They won't start laying until about August, but they look full grown now.

And for those of you have haven't heard or haven't looked at my sister's blog...She's having a baby!!!!!!!!!! YAY for baby!!


Jamie and Galen Fish said...

Peanut! hehe!

Emily Marie said...

That all sounds like so much fun! Good job with the financial stuff, very impressive! Congrats to your sister! And thank you sooo much for Miriam's birthday card and $, she really liked it!!

Olivia said...

You two are so amazing!! Sounds like you have kept really busy and have had loads of fun. The garden looks amazing. I am hoping to weed today and hopefully plant some seeds while the weather is still cool. I will be planting a pot garden so that will be nice and portable while the weather decides what to do. YEAH for you guys and all your hard work!

Congratulations again, Jamie and Galen!! Cute gummie bear picks/

FunNana =) said...

all great news and stuff and you're good!!! =)