Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Car

So my car decided to make a funny noise last week. Just FYI, funny noises are expensive.
It turned out to be something with the differential/transmission breaking...yeah....did you hear that cha-ching sound?

That's right folks,
we get to buy the car back,
hopefully tomorrow,
for about $1300.

Bad thing since that's a lot of money for us, seeing as how I'm unemployed and all. But it would have been a real hassle if George had to drive me to and from work so ehh, life goes on. As my Dad would say, maintenance is just part of the privilege of owning a car!


Emily Marie said...

Oh darn it! I hope this repair sticks for a while and you don't have to start over again! UGH!

Jamie and Galen Fish said...

Time to celebrate that it's back! You should definitely keep it parked in the garage and cook dinner. None of this driving around while singing and going out to some expensive restaurant :p

Olivia said...

OH MAN! That is not cool. Hope it goes well.

NannyOgden =-) said...

bum...mer!! Bryan always says he likes the idea of horses and bartering instead of cars and money -- hmmmmmm ;) me - I like my car and money (but oddly, I like the smell of horsey poo and barns and leather, too) ;) :p