Sunday, December 20, 2009

Four Months

As of 12/19 Norah is four months! This last month has brought many new things. She can blow great raspberries and she found her feet! They are sooo much fun to play with :) She also started rolling from her back to tummy just last week. It seemed early for that so I googled it, gotta love google, and most babies roll back to tummy at 5-6months! We're wondering if this is going to be a trend with her mobility and she will be an early walker....
She is smiling all the time, laughing more and it's getting easier to make her laugh. She will reach for, grab, and hold toys now. Of course she has to taste them in the process, all things go in the mouth! She is also, although I'm still nervous to say anything, a great sleeper. Last night we put her down by 11pm (late night after xmas party) and, well, it's 9:40 and she's still asleep. This is offically the longest she's slept. We are sooo lucky, I know. We have been swaddling her every night and we're trying to wean her off of that. This last week we have been leaving one arm outside the swaddle blanket so she can get used to the freedom. We were concerned she would wake herself up hitting her face or something if we just stopped the swaddle cold turkey so it's been a gradual adjustment. She did sort of wake up a few times but once we gave her the magic binki she went right back to sleep. Hopefully next week we will be brave enough to put her to bed without the swaddle at all and have a smooth transition without messing up her night.
Her little personality is also starting to show, she has learned a super high pitched squeal which was her favorite noise for several days....blowing raspberries has been more interesting the last few days, thank goodness. She has her bad moments but over all Norah is such a good baby! Oh and the most adorable cutest beautiful baby ever :)
And now I have to go check on her because I can't believe she is still sleeping.....I'll get some pictures up soon.


Emily Marie said...

So fun! Just a thought though...if she can roll now she will probably get out of her swaddle soon anyway, so good time to ween I guess!

Olivia Heilmann said...

How unbelievably wonderful. You two are such cute parents!

Oh and we LOVE the Christmas card! Yours will come soon as they are done printing/shipping. Then I can sign them, and what not. I am a late bloomer. ;)