Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 12th/13th -Away we go!

Utah. Okay well we didn't get there right away. We left Saturday mid morning after some last minute packing. We made it down to vancouver, got gas, and 'gatorade' for Papa (mt dew), and went through the carwash. Yes with the new rental car. No I don't care that it was pretty clean already. It's a silly tradition that George and I have to go through a carwash to start any road trip. So, carwash, then down to the PDX airport to the rental car office to get George and myself signed on as drivers. I think we actually made it out of Portland around 12:30. There were many stops along the way, about every hour and a half or so, to get Norah out of the car and run around. We made it to Ontario, WA that night and stayed at a nice hotel. We had a nice complementary breakfast Sunday morning and made better time getting started. Norah was such a good girl for all the driving. She napped a lot and played with toys, very little fussing overall. We made it to Aunt Diane's house late afternoon on the 13th and spent the evening visiting.

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