Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday June 15th

We drove to and went boating on Yuba Lake with George's cousin Trevor, his wife Kenalee and daughter Riley. Also his Uncle Bruce and cousin TJ, cousin Carly and her little baby boy Duke.

Norah didn't seem to mind the boat at all, she even fell asleep for a while. George and his dad did some boogie boarding, George tried to wake board and was able to get up for a few seconds! Then Bryan thought it would be fun to try to water ski. Yeah. No. The first time he tried to get up he strained both hamstrings so bad he couldn't get out of the water without help. Bad stuff. Luckily our rental car had an awesome back where all the seats folded flat so he could sit without bending his legs. So he road back to town in the back and made faces with Norah :) We took him to an urgent care to get checked out and he'll be okay.


Emily Marie said...

So totally awesome! Love all the pictures! It looks like it was beautiful! Glad it was nice for you! You guys are awesome! Congrats Baby Brother (graduation) and Nora (walking). <3

Mina said...

poor daddy!!! cute baby squishy face!!!!!!