Thursday, December 16, 2010

My filled with Rockin Green!

That's right folks.

We're back on cloth!

I stopped cloth when Norah was around 5 months old. We were having too many leak issues, the fit just wasn't right.Well, I decided to give it another go. Obviously she's in a different size now, but my sister and I split the cost of the mediums back when my niece was using them. They've just been waiting for me!

It's been almost a week now, and everything is going great! It was actually easier to go back then I thought it would be. We haven't had any leaking so far. The diapers needed some tough love washing (sorry to say sis!). After an overnight soak in Rockin Green and a few washes they are stink free and working great!
We've been using Rockin Green on our clothes for several months and love it!

This is just part of my effort to be a little more earth friendly.

And no, we're not cloth 100% of the time. She is still in disposables overnight and when we are away from home all day.

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Olivia Heilmann said...

Do you use Rockin Green on all of your stuff? That is cool.