Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crayon meets Dryer

So I posted on Facebook a few days ago that Norah 'helped' me with the laundry. Ugh. Usually she likes to push the clothes in to the dryer and is a good helper. This time she added a crayon. No idea when she did it, you'd think I would have seen it since I was standing right there....
Sooo yeah. Green crayon melted to my dryer and just about every item of clothing that was in it.

It was worse then the pictures look since the camera didn't pick up on the faint marks or the door side of the drum.

After much scrubbing over two days, by myself and George, it's now back to almost normal.
The clothing however, I had to rewash multiple times after soaking overnight. Most of the green came out, a few items still have marks that just won't come clean.
Not an experience I wish to repeat!

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Olivia Heilmann said...

oh Sheesh! I can only imagine. That sounds horrible!!