Thursday, November 17, 2011


On Wednesday we had our first snow of the season.

It started around 8am and stopped mid afternoon.

Norah was facinated and kept telling me 'Momma! Snow Falling!'

Since we've both been sick I was reluctant to take her out, but after nap I couldn't resist!

There was maybe two inches on the ground, but it was enough to play in.

And I'm glad we went out for a little while, because it was all melted this morning! Norah was very confused. The first thing she asked this morning was to look out the window at the snow, and it was gone! I've been watching several weather forecast websites, since they're never very accurate for our area, and the general forecase says we have a chance for snow pretty much every day for the next week....we'll see!


Emily Marie said...

Just two inches? Where I come from, that is a lot! LOL ;) Glad you were able to play for a bit. Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

Olivia Heilmann said...

How very fun. I actually love snow now! :) Maybe because it is to fun here when it snows.