Saturday, May 19, 2007

In limbo

I come home from an 8hr work day and feel like I should be doing homework still. I feel guilty if I watch tv, like I'm supposed to be studying or writing a paper. It's a very strang feeling, I've decided my coping skills have developed to handle 'too much to do' so the lack of demands is somewhat confusing! On the flip I don't have the lack of time excuse for not exercising, just lack of motivation!
What happens after two days of rain in the NW?
Monday! hahaha
It was nice all week, but it's supposed to rain all weekend. ugh.


Olivia said...

Love the's totally true!!
That sounds like a very funny feeling...I have experienced that before. The guilt will eventually subside!

Nana said...

time for a BIG hobby to fill the void :) you're great with flowers - ever try arranging them? Just an idea ;) love you!