Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sunny days

I really love this time of year. The days are longer, it's nice and warm out side, flowers are blooming...and things are ripening, like local strawberries!!! They are soo much better than CA berries, not sure how they compare to the east coast berries, but they sure are one of my favorite things about this time of year!
I would post a pic of the flat of strawberries we got, but I keep getting an error message. So maybe when Georgie gets home he will figure it out :) Oh and he really doesn't like this time of year, for most of the reasons I listed above! Okay just the warm outside and flowers blooming part...allergies and all.


Emily Marie said...

Yeah allergies stink! I don't get them but know plenty of people who do! What a pity! And east coast berries are yummy but I think any berry that you don't buy at the store from CA or where ever, but pick best!! ;)

Nana said...

poor Georgie - sneeze, achoo! achoo! - sniffles, snuffles - pounding headache - yep - been there, though you definitely got it worse than me, - I'm so sorry :(

Olivia said...

OH yum for strawberries. Where did you go to get them? I am having allergies to! Not nearly close to George though...of that I am sure.

Lynnette said...

They are so yummy, but they don't last very long. We got some from Parsons farms on 119th, just down the road from you!
George is doing much better this year than before, he has two Rx that he takes daily and it has really helped.