Saturday, October 6, 2007


We went to 'The Wedge of Portland' today...It was a cheese festival Yummy! There were lots and lots of people and George didn't like them, it was very crowded. There were 25 cheese vendors in addition to the regular Farmers Market, which I didn't know they had either! There were tons and tons and lots and lots of people and we had to elbow our way through the crowd to get to the yummy cheese. We tried lots of different cheeses and bought lots too. We also got some smoked salmon pate and some dried cherries. And the most amazing part? It didn't rain!

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Emily Marie said...

That sounds so good! I have been really wanting a good cheese platter since I have been pregnant, of course I can't eat any of it!! When I have the baby, I am going to a little french cafe downtown and ordering their cheese and bread platter!!!!!!!