Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We love House here, the show...House, I hope you all have seen it. George and I were a tiny bit upset last week when it wasn't on. There was some baseball game on instead, lame. It's really annoying when they skip a week after the season has started, you're all excited for a new episode then WHAM! HAHAHAHA! joke is on you viewer! no show this week sucker!
George promptly went to TV guide online to verify it would be on this week, whew...and it will be, it better be! You east coasties have probably already watched :( no fair. It's not on here for two more hours.

On my way home today a giant red pickup was going to run me over. I was driving up the road to our house, which is a paved but no lines country road. The guy in the giant red pickup was looking at a house that is being built and not watching the road at all. He was driving down the center of the road and drifting over to my side, he totally didn't see me AT ALL. When I realized he wasn't going to move back to his side I started honking (pathetic squeeker honk...) he swerved back to his side and gave me the sheepish sorry smile and wave. He would have squashed me, ugh.

As most of you know, I answer phones all day for an insurance company. Most calls are rather mundane, some are amusing, some stressful. Today I had a lady call to complain about something really stupid. She was very angry and demanding, then she started talking about the fires in CA and how her parents house has burned and the town she was raised in is gone etc. She went on for several minutes while I fixed the issue she was calling about and by the time she hung up she felt so much better after venting about the fires she was full of thank you's, nice huh?

Oh, and can we have invites to Blake's and Miriam's blogs? the email attached to our blog is churchogden07@hotmail.com we haven't been able to see theirs yet!


Nana said...

I love "House" too though he is so condescending and self-righteous - and usually right, too, huh!! We get it here in Singapore, though not the 'current' season - just "new and never seen before" -- except I saw is last month on the same channel :) Glad you weren't squished - phew!! You are so nice for just being able to listen to that weird lady :) Maybe she brought some humor into a stressful day??

Emily Marie said...

I like House as well and didn't see it last night! I will have to try to watch it somehow! I was bumbed about last week as well! Anyway, yes I will send you an invite, Sorry about that!!
Stinkin truck, I hate it when people don't pay attention when they are driving... Carlos does that sometimes, the other day we were 2 inches from hitting a mail box cause he was looking the other way!! Sheesh!!