Saturday, November 10, 2007

no water chili

So, we (my mom) are making some more no water chili for dinner. She made some about a month ago in an effort to use the huge harvest of tomatos. At the time she had also picked a bunch of green tomatos that would have otherwise been ruined by the weather/freeze. Well the green tomatos are now very ripe. So hence, chili again. Because they are so juicy and we use so many, we don't add any other liquid to the chili. It is so good :)
George marched in the veterans day parade this morning. The news had said we were going to have a big rain storm today with 1/2" of was sunny all day! That was very nice, George was happy he didn't get soaked. I stayed home and cleaned house, did laundry etc. The dust bunnies had morphed into dust monsters, which usually means it's really time to vacuum. So I did. And I think I'm on laundry load number five. Boring I know. If George gets home at a reasonable time (he's at a group meeting @PSU) we might go to the store and print some of our honeymoon pics so we can have an actual album.


Olivia said...

A parade? Dang... That would have been fun to watch. OH well. We had chili tonight too at a friends...White bean chili. Yum. We need to get together and play sometime... ;)

Laurie, Mommy, Nana said...

oh how I miss watching my kids march in parades :( and your chili sound so "OH MY YUMMY" good - is this a recipe that you might be inclined to share :) :)

Emily Marie said...

We also love chili! And as odd as it sounds, even though dust bunnies/monsters are ugly to look at, I LOVE the way it looks when they get sucked up in the vacuum! Well I like vacuuming so.... :) Good for you on the laundry, the last time I did more than 2 loads in one day, my dryer told me it was time to stop and wouldn't work for 2 days!! LOL