Sunday, November 25, 2007

waste of gas

We drove to Fred Meyers to print some digital pictures. We had them on a thumb drive. The stupid computer at the store didn't recognize the drive. Ugh, what a waste of time and gas. So we got eggnog. We are going to go see the zoo lights, should be fun, but cold.

***Okay, we're back, I think I'm starting to feel my nose. It was really really cold. It's 33degrees right now :)The lights were cool. The train (yes I rode another train) wasn't as cool as we were expecting, and stinky. But we got to see the polar bears and tigers yay!


Olivia said...

yeah for Zoo lights. We went on Friday. It was very cold but super fun. We got the boys the they saw aliens on all the lights. It was cool!

Laurie, Mommy, Nana said...

O - O - OHHH!! I love the Zoo Lights and now I'm really jealous cause 2 of my kids have seen them and I can't for at least another year! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL THAT YOU GOT TO, THOUGH -- oh, yeah and "yippee" "yahoo" the cold :~) - you know me, the cold freak :~)

Emily Marie said...

Oh that is fun! We don't have anything like that here. They have one in North Carolina but I don't think we will be making that trip! :)Oh and yummy eggnog!!!