Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas thank you

George woke me up on Saturday from my four hour nap (hey I was sick!) by telling me we had to go over to Livvy and Tim's to open Christmas presents :)

We had fun visiting with Livvy and Tim, and the boys mauled George as usual, and Julian talked to me, I guess he decided I'm okay again :)

We wanted to say thank you to Mom and Dad Ogden, and Sarah, Marlon, and Evoly for all the wonderful Christmas goodies!

Here's a picture of the loot, less my beautiful orchid calendar which I already hung up at work.


Laurie, Mommy, Nana said...

Hey! :) That's a GREAT way to say 'thank you' !! :) and you're very welcome -- we love you both very much :) Uh, sorry it was so late, though ;)

CresceNet said...
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