Tuesday, January 22, 2008

goin' to the car wash...

I didn't really accomplish anything on Saturday other than sleeping. I don't really feel sick anymore but I guess I needed lot of sleep. I got up around 9am when it was snowing, but I felt really tired and weak, like I had no strenght at all, so I went back to bed and got up around 2pm I think. But Sunday I went to see Crownie :) he is soooo cute! His purple coat isn't so purple anymore but it's so much better than his old one, this one doesn't rub the hair off his shoulders!
That afternoon George and I went to the car wash because my car was really really really dirty. I'm weird about car washes, I don't like going/driving through them, I don't mind being in the car, just not driving. Strange fears about being stuck in there or something. We also vacuumed the car afterwards and put in my new heavy duty floor mats, thanks sissy! (christmas present)
So for $7.00 we have a clean car, I know we could have done it at home for free, but hey, it's been really cold here!

We're doing a weight loss challenge at work, since I've gained my share of holiday/stress weight recently I decided to participate with some friends. There are four people to a team, and there are seven teams signed up. We all had to come up with team names, we thought ours was rather clever......Hate our Guts. Funny huh? We had our guts now but by the end all the other teams will! haha :) It's a 12week challenge with a cash prize (we all had to chip in $10 to participate) winners are by team and individual that loses the most pounds and the team/indv. that loses the greatest %. We (my team) has decided to exercise together on our lunch break for at least 1/2 hour three times a week. Yesterday it was super cold so instead of walking out side we went up and down the stairs for 15mins, then walked outside to cool off, then did more stairs. I kinda hurt today....

Oh and on Friday Livvy and I went to a candle party at my friend Shellys house. It was fun to hang out and sniff all the yummy candles. I feel kinda bad because I didn't order any, but I don't really have a safe place to burn any right now. When we have our own place it'll be different, but alas for now no candles. Livvy and I decided we are going to plan a family night at least once a month, we live so close together it's just wrong that we never see each other! Hey Livvy...we still need to pick a night! Maybe you guys should come over for my birthday dinner this Sunday :)

It's really cold.... 26* right now and it's only 7:30!


Emily Marie said...

Candle parties are fun, don't feel bad about not ordering, lots of people don't! I wish we were closer to have a family night together! Good luck on your challenge! My sister-in-law just incouraged us to start a little one of our own with the rest of the family, should be interesting to see what happens!!

Olivia said...

Oooh sounds like fun!! I recently realized that I can't see my toes...so maybe I will join you. ;)
As for Sunday night?? Sounds GREAT! What should we bring?
Yes and I think Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights are good for Family night. What do you think??

Laurie Ann ~~ Queen Nana =) said...

I'm glad that you and Livvy live so close together and that you're all such good friends, too :) heh heh huuff hufff - I need to lose weight, too, for health reasons - high (enough) blood pressure and cholesterol - getting old stinks! (well, it doesn't help that I don't exercise enough, but I do eat enough, hehe!)