Thursday, February 28, 2008

New baby chicks!

Anyone want to guess how many there are?

They should start laying eggs about August. The black chicks lay brown eggs and the tan-ish colored chicks lay green eggs :)

Mom is moving full steam ahead on the farming/CSA stuff, yay! I'm excited, it should be fun.

Work has been kinda icky lately, several people in my department have quite, one was fired, just lots of stupid stuff, so it's been extra stressful and unpleasent to be there.

Here are some pretty sunset pictures George took the other day


Olivia said...

OOOH that is a yummy sunset...and those chickies are so adorable! Sorry that work is being stupid. That stinks. Good thing you have cute things to come home to!!....Like Georgie! Hee heee hee.

Funny Nana =) said...

ooo yes! cute Georgie =) Those are really spectacular pictures -- did it storm that day? Tell again why your mom is doing this thing she is doing? see you all soon =)

Emily Marie said...

Nice pictures! Cute chickies, glad to hear something from you busy people!