Monday, June 9, 2008

Farmers market in Battle Ground

Saturday we went to the opening of the Battle Ground farmers market. Mom didn't have much stuff to sell so it was really just about getting out there and being seen. She did have some radishes and most of them sold, also some tomatoes but those weren't too popular. Anyway here are a few pics
She is so official with her tent and banner! There is also a pretty bouquet of roses. Then a pic of the farmer lady at work ;) And the other one is just some pretty flowers that are trailing out of a big pot, it think this is the third year they have come back, they're the kind you usually have to plant every year.


Emily Marie said...

Hurray, congrats to your mom! How exciting. Good luck!

Jamie and Galen Fish said...

I set those bright pink flowers as my backdrop. Beautiful! It was sure cold that day, but well worth it.

FunNana =) said...

Yeah Melissa =) .... and girls =)