Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Graduation Day!!!!

George has earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from PSU. He graduated with Honors on
June 13th. He is going to stay for two more years and finish his Masters Degree.

Yay!!!! Go George!!!!!!!!

***I've added pictures from the graduation and party to the picture link above


Jamie and Galen Fish said...

YAY!! Is he nervous yet?

Emily Marie said...

On Friday the 13th!! hehe, well congrats! I am sad I am the only family not there!! Love you!!!

Sidney said...

Congratulations, George!!! It must feel amazing to be finished. :-)

FunNana =) said...

I'll get some pictures up on my blog soon with some grad pictures, too. some from ceremony and lots from the after-party!! what a party =)