Sunday, August 3, 2008

some changes

Looks comfy huh? spoiled kitty....

Okay, so most of my blog readers already know about the decision I have made recently. Because this is a publicly viewable blog I'm going to refrain from going into too much detail, but I gave my resignation to my employer on Friday, July 25th, my last day will be this Thursday 7th.

George and I have made our budget and are comfortable that we will be okay with my lack of income. It will be tight but do-able. I am nervous letting go of the security we have had for the last.....six years? But I really think this is a good choice, and it's always a little scary to take that first big step.

In other news....We miss Emily and the girls!!! The day before they left we took them to see my horse. The girls got to brush him and ride him a little. I didn't get any pictures but Emily and Nana did so hoepfully they will post some soon.

My sister is having a baby girl!!!! You can look at Jamie's blog for details :) I'm trying not to bombard her with frilly pink things, but somedays I just can't help myself!

The farm is doing great! Things are growing like crazy...including the weeds hehe, but I might have some time coming up to devote to weed pulling. My dahlias are starting to bloom too, very pretty!
Oh and the chickens are really starting to lay eggs now, I think we have 38 chickens and we picked up 20 eggs today! They all should be laying in the next couple weeks.


Emily Marie said...

We miss you too! and Yes, I will try to put up some pictures tonight!
Glad you feel good about not 'working' (although you will still be working, I am sure your mom will appreciate some help in the garden!) :)
Hopefully we will see you again soon!

NanaOgden =-) said...

yep! I've got pics =-) coming to a blog near you ~~ hehe

Jamie and Galen Fish said...

*gasp* An update! Woo!

Olivia said...

Wow! I'm with you Jamie. Although, I am the worst offender...I haven't updated in a long time. Oh, and don't worry about keeping busy. You can always come over here and keep me company!! :)