Tuesday, June 9, 2009

30 weeks

How to sum up being 7.5 months, I'm slower now. Yeah, and it's frustrating. Oh right, and I can't really bend anymore. I'm just about done with socks. We went to Target over the weekend to do the registry stuff and I got two pairs of flipflops while we were there. Now I have a small collection to get me through the summer. Someone needs to paint my toes though. I managed to get the old grown out color off, again back to the bending issue, but I don't even want to attempt to paint ugh. I guess 30 weeks also equals lots of complaining, sorry!
We had our first labor/birth class tonight. Most of it was about anatomy and nutrition review but still interesting. AND we watched a video. Yup on the first night. George survived. At the end of class we were supposed to be doing breathing and relaxation stuff, but Norah kept whomping me so I was just trying not to laugh. It was a little suprising to learn everyones due dates. I was thinking we were maybe a little early in starting classes but this is the one that worked with George's schedule. Most of the other couples are due in Sept. There were maybe eight couples, one due in July, two- including us- due in Aug, and the rest were mid/late Sept.
And I'm sure you all are just reading this to get to the belly picture but you'll have to wait a day! George has the camera at work but promises to bring it home tomorrow. I'm round, but not too big, yet.


Emily Marie said...

AHHHHH 30 weeks!!!!
It is so fun to hear about your pregnancy! Thanks for keeping us out of towners up to date! Also, I found I could paint my toe nails, I just bent my knees to the sides so my belly was in the middle and then did it that way. It wasn't always the best job but it worked! :)
I am glad you all made it through the first class! I like those. Anyway, I should call you sometime...sorry I haven't. Oh and I am sure you look great! Can't wait to see.

Jamie said...

I'm glad you survived the video! I warned ya didn't I? hehe

Olivia said...

I love the updates! I can paint your piggies anytime! :) You are the cuteness.

Nanny-Laurie :) said...

I'm come paint your nails! And Livvy will help, too - dual-helpers...per side...and add Jamie in and your mom...group fun!