Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who ordered the 3am wake up call?

So last night she woke me up kicking for the first time. I was having a crazy pregnancy dream that I was a barbie in a plastic bag floating in the ocean trying to get away from some pirates....yeah like I said crazy preggo dreams, and then I was a pregnant barbie and the baby was kicking my side, hard! You ever wake yourself up from a dream and have that fuzzy moment of -wait, is this real? Yes it was, well the kicking part :) she was rabbit kicking my left side with some good force behind it. Hopefully this won't be a regular thing now, I have a hard enough time sleeping through the night what with the peeing and the hip aching and all.

Today I have been so so so so tired. I didn't really do anything. Well, I showered. Otherwise I've been a couch potato all day. Norah on the other hand.....she's been a super kicking machine. She's been flipping around and changing positions all day.
So here's the 30 week pic-

Oh and yesterday I managed to paint my toes. It took about an hour....but I tried Emily's advice, basically I sat on the couch and pretzeled myself until I could reach my feet. I did a few toes at a time and every time I stopped and put my legs down Norah let me know what she thought of all the belly squishing. Anyhoo, don't mind my long long monkey toes, baby is doomed to have them too :)


Nanny-Laurie :) said...

Oh you have pretty feet! Next time let me paint them...I feel for you ;-)

Olivia said...

OH that is so fantastic! Thanks for coming tonight, too

Emily Marie said...

Yeah you look so great! Things seem to be progressing normally with the stuff huh? ;) Anyway, nice toes, you did a good job!!